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One of your expertise areas: being a christ follower versus being just a believer. Can you elaborate on this, and especially as it pertains to salvation. Can both of these be saved?

Hi Barney - thanks very much for your question.  Sorry for a little delay, been on the road this week.  The difference is that it's one thing to believe and another to follow.  In other words, does Satan believe in Jesus?  Well yes he does.  But, does he follow Him?  Of course not.  That's the easiest example I can think of to paint the difference.  

I hear so often the term "believer" in my own church, conversations, on TV, the radio, etc.  And while the intent of the person is to mean someone who does accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, there is a difference between just believing in something/someone and truly accepting them and following them, especially in this context of Christianity.  So, in terms of salvation, does the person that simply believes there is a God and/or that a man named Jesus truly did walk the earth have salvation?  Well, no, if they haven't truly accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and asked Him for his merciful salvation and saving grace.  Look at the Pharisees arguing with Jesus.  They certainly "believed" that Jesus was standing there in front of them, but they did not follow Him or His teachings and that He was the only way to God.  Remember in John 8:44 - Jesus tells them that they are of their father the devil!

Now, this can get very "touchy" because someone could interpret this stance as judging another's heart.  That's not the intent here.  Only Jesus truly knows everyone's heart and judges them perfectly.  Look at the guy on the cross that was saved right then and there?  You and I would might have said, "no way is that guy getting saved", but yet Jesus knew him perfectly and gave him eternal life.  Praise be to God!

The other thing to point out is that a Christ follower, try as they might, will never be able to perfectly follow Him.  We're sinners here on earth, and until Jesus returns that's the way it'll be.  We can and should and with the help of the Holy Spirit change our ways and sin less
but we'll never achieve perfection this side of heaven.

I hope this helps out.  

Grace & Truth


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