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I see where you live with someone bipolar. That brings me to my question:My ex's mother was not a Christian when she had a severe attack of schizophrenia when 18. She never recovered. It was so bad it did not give her a mind where she could accept Jesus. Will she go to heaven when she dies?

I can understand your concern.  Questions like these are always difficult to answer because only God knows her heart. We do not know if in the quietness of her heart sometime prior to becoming mentally unstable she came to know God in a personal way, but being new to the faith, had not had a chance to exhibit spiritual fruit.We can hope that this is the case, but we really have no way of knowing for sure until the day we ourselves arrive in heaven. We do know that if she was one of God's chosen ones that she will be saved.

John 6:37 All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.

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I will be happy to answer questions about Christian living from a Biblical point of view. Questions about suffering, living with chronic illness, marriage, home schooling, interpersonal relationships, witnessing,theology and any others you want to ask are welcome. If I am not able to answer your question, I will tell you.


Living with chronic health conditions,and a spouse who suffers with Bipolar has taught me much about God's faithfulness and His desire to sanctify me through these things. I am also a home school mom of 16 years combined with two graduated. I have learned many things in God's school of hard knocks over the years and can draw from this experience as I answer questions from a Biblical point of view.

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