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QUESTION: Hi my name is Sonia and my question is how do you know exactly what your spiritual gift is?

ANSWER: Dear Sonia,

I can help you professionally find out what your spiritual gift(s) are!
The bible says we all have at least one God Given Gift :)!
Also we are to use our gift according to God's will, a fact
that not many people know is that we are all called to minister
in a specific way... for example there is both behind the scenes
ministries and public...  this is good!

So let's begin it may take 2-3 days for us to proceed...
I will need to ask a lot of questions that are mostly yes or
no questions...  there are no right or wrong answers to this.
you need to be completely honest with me and don't worry about
how to answer them.  okay?

I will wait for your response soon and look forward with
working with you soon!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you I would love to. I appreciate you taking time out to help me.

ANSWER: Sonia, below I have questions that you answer either YES or NO to each one and send them back for me....include the number and the answer.  there is no right or wrong answers just answer honestly :)

God Given Gifts Test Part 1

1) I tend to motivate others to get involved.
2) I would like to start a new church from scratch.
3) I can tell when people are insincere.
4) I love to hear messages about salvation.
5) Teaching the facts without practical application is really laking.
6) God has given me unusual assurances of his control.
7) People misunderstand my financial interests.
8) I love to provide my home as a haven.
9) My study of the scriptures gives me unique knowledge.
10) I would rather be the leader, than one of the leaders.
11) I tend to be super sensitive to sad stories.
12) I tend to be irritated when people sin.
13) I tend to get frustrated when my church is not growing.
14) I will do the little things no one else wants to do.
15) Education is very important to me.
16) I tend to make wise decisions and choices.
17) I can do a lot of things at once.
18) I would be willing to move elsewhere to start a new church.
19) I can tell when others teach inaccurate information.
20) Leading people to Christ is so exciting.
21) I like to share practical steps of action.
22) I always believe and see how God works in our lives.
23) I tend to give money freely where needed most.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

2) no
4) yes
5) yes
6) no
8) yes
9) no
11) yes
19) no
20) yes
21) yes
22) no
23) yes

God Given Gifts Test Part 2 (please continue with questions...)

24) I tend to make total strangers feel at home.
25) I have an ability to acquire bible facts and principals.
26) I feel frustrated when it looks like no one is in charge.
27) I spend a lot of time helping others feel better.
28) I discern something is evil, before others do.
29) I enjoy leading discipleship type bible studies.
30) I prefer serving others, rather than being served.
31) Preperation to speak or teach is absolutely necessary.
32) I seem to be able to help others make right decisions.
33) I do my best work under pressure.
34) I adapt well to other cultures.
35) I am able to differentiate between true and false needs.
36) I am very concerned about lost souls.
37) I teach topical, rather than verse-by-verse lessons.
38) Trusting God for the impossible comes easy to me.
39) I tend to make wise investments.
40) I like to invite people in need to stay in my home.
41) I learn and remember biblical truth easily.
42) I know where I'm headed and am driven to bring others.
43) I can't say, "No" to legitimate needs.
44) I research to share truth, rather than just to study.
45) I seem to look for spiritual lessons in life.
46) Solving problems is my main concern.
47) I like to explain why something is true.
48) I easily see the difference between truth and error.
49) I tend to take charge when no one else does.
50) I would rather start a new church, than anything else.

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