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Hi. I just recently watched a video stating that Christians and ONLY Christians will go to heaven. I was born a Catholic an have followed the religion since then. I am now worried that I will not be saved. Please help me out. All I want is a strong relationship with Jesus.


Thanks for your question.  I think I can help.

The statement made in the video is a correct one, but it leaves people open to possible confusion and misunderstanding like you're experiencing.  I'd like to clarify what "Christian" means and perhaps that will be a good start.

"Christian" and "Catholic" are not descriptions of two different things.  "Catholic", or better said "Roman Catholic", is a type of Christian.  Those who believe and practice according to the Roman Catholic tradition are indeed Christian IF they are following after Jesus.  Of course, there are those in all kinds of traditions who are not personally committed, and these people are in terrible danger because it is one's connection to the person Jesus that is the central matter of concern to God.  

Some non-Roman Catholic Christians are so opposed to the teachings and practices of the Roman Church that they consider it something other than Christian, but this is an extreme view.  I, too, have strong disagreements with the Roman Church, but I hold sincere followers of Jesus to be my brothers and sisters no matter their category!

Any of us who follow after Jesus with sincerity and faith will find that we are wrong about much and that He is correcting us as we go.  He is a very good Teacher!  My concern for you, Nick, is not which tradition you choose to belong to, but whether you're willing to hear your Master speak even if He calls you to act or think contrary to your tradition.  I have had to do this very thing within my own Christian tradition.  I don't encourage you to be rebellious or dismissive of your leaders' teachings, but to realize that the voice of Christ through His Scriptures has greater authority than any other voice.

So then, find your hope and confidence in your loving trust of Jesus, not in titles or categories.  Seek the ways and teachings of Jesus in His Word, His Spirit and His people.  You'll get some things wrong in that process just as I do, but you can trust Jesus to correct you anything that needs correcting as you go.  Trust Him, seek Him, serve Him.  You will be saved now and forever because His promises are true and His work is sufficient.  

Let that desire to have a strong relationship with Jesus motivate you to walk day by day with Him and you need not fear for your present or eternal life.  Take Him at His Word and He will never fail to keep it.  

I truly hope this helps you in your confusion, and I invite you to follow-up with any further questions or comments.  Let's keep the conversation going :)

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