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Is the gifts only spiritual gifts?? How do you discover your unspiritual giftings if there is anything like that.

   Paul is obviously talking about the explicitly spiritual gifts that can come only directly from God, and must be received by faith.  It is clear from other passages that each of us has a measure of these gifts, given not for our benefit, but for the common good.  We are not to hoard these gifts, but to use them to the fullest of our opportunities to do so.  In addition, God may choose to give us different gifts at different times.
   Each of us also has abilities and talents in the natural world, and these differ from person to person.  Each one of us has stature, strength, speed, and intelligence.  These are all gifts from God, and we have them by virtue of our physical birth.  This seems to be the point James is making.  We may or may not develop these gifts, and if we don't use them, they tend to diminish.  Also, they rarely change over time.  These "unspiritual" gifts are generally revealed by what we are good at without trying hard.
   I hope this helps.  Feel free to follow up if necessary.

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