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I have two questions for you..

1. Can a man be a deacon if he never marry?

2. Is Apostle Paul a deacon/elder?



Hi Ryan - thanks for your question.  On your first question, in 1 Timothy, Paul does provide "qualifications" for a deacon, and the mention of "husband to one wife" does suggest marriage as a requirement, but with more inspection, it could also be referring to a man who is solely yoked to only his wife, and not to other women in a "marriage-like" relationship.  Of course not sexually, but moreover the degree of unity that he has with his wife and his wife only should not also be shown by deacon to other women.  There are other requirements talking about leading one's family, which does infer he's married and also could have children.  

The other thing to note is the role of deacon varies by church denomination.  Presbyterian deacons and Baptist deacons have differences.  I think the important thing to note is that anyone who is called into ministry and service, whether or not they are dubbed a deacon, should possess and demonstrate Christ-like qualities and servant leadership.  Not perfectly of course, but to follow Christ and be Jesus to others.

On your second question, Paul was clearly an Apostle, sent by Christ to preach the gospel to all nations.  Yes, he served, taught, instructed, prayed, lead, built, rebuked, etc, but in the truest sense, he was an apostolic missionary commissioned by Jesus to spread the good news, and not limited to the role of "deacon" in a particular church.  He was out building churches and making disciples!  

Hope this helps Ryan,

Grace and Truth,


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