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I would be interested in learning the SPECIFIC scientific evidence you have for Christianity, as opposed let's say to Judaism. In your proofs of God and soul I see only proofs for these (ie for the God of Israel) and nothing which points to Jesus specifically. You simply cannot prove Christianity by proving Judaism. Also remember (regarding your historical evidence provided that if the Hebrew Scriptures are not true the Christian Scriptures cannot be true, but not the reverse. Thank you kindly in advance

Dear Ovadiah,

I think science has nothing to say about the differences between Christianity and Judaism.
Such differences are of theological nature. I can only tell you some reasons why I find Christianity more convincing that Judaism, but this has nothing to do with science.
First of all, though many powerful miracles are described in the Bible, there is no powerful miracles an no prophets in Judaism during the last 2000 years. This fact represents for me a convincing proof that present Judaism is farther from God than the B.C. Judaism.
There are on the contrary many powerfull miracles in Catholicism, for example the miracle of the sun at Fatima (you can find information about this miracle in the web site I gave you, in the FAQ section).

There is however a much more convincing argument for me, which represents the answer to a fundamental question:

Why did Jesus have to suffer on the Cross?

I believe that each of us needed know that God was willing to accept such a terrible suffering for us, in order to really trust God. Every man needed that proof of love, and God, who knew this, has accepted to give him what man consciously or unconsciously asked to Him. Jesus had to suffer and die that way to convince us about God's goodness and God's love towards us. It is man's obstinate distrust against God that has forced God to give man that proof of love, the proof he needed to trust God. By His death on the cross, Jesus destroys our distrust and our doubts, and He gives us the strength to believe in Him and trust Him. This means that each of us is personally responsible of Jesus ' sufferings and death. This distrust, this lack of faith in God is just the essence of the original sin. Christ's Passion has reconciled us to God because it has uprooted from our heart, our distrust and doubts about God; it has satisfied our (conscious or unconscious) desire and need of a proof of love, so that it has given us the strength to trust God and feel loved by Him. I can summarize my thoughts as follows: Salvation implies a deep change of ourselves. God has the power to change us but He wants to do that with our consent. Man cannot really accept to be changed by God and he cannot be in comunion with God as long as even a shadow of doubt and distrust remains in his heart ( it must be stressed that such a distrust may exist even without the man is aware of it, at the unconscious level). God had to destroy every shadow of doubt and distrust in our heart and He has chosen to give us the greatest proof of love that may exist: Christ's Passion.

Through christianity, an absolutely new concept of divine love has come into history: the concept of a God who loves us so much that He makes Himself man and accepts an atrocious suffering and death in order to save us from our sinful and unhappy existence and lead us to the true and eternal happiness. I think that the greatness of this concept of divine love implies that such a concept can be only of divine origin. In other words, it is the greatness of this concept of divine love which convinces me about Christianity more than everything else.

I hope this may help you.

Your brother in Christ,


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