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I'm 35 and have a "friend" at work, who I've wanted to date.  Since we work together, I backed off.  

Then, one day I prayed a prayer just as I had done many times.  One of... "Dear God, is she the one?"

Later in the day I got my answer... YES!  It's long story, but let me just say I was flowing with tears and I knew it was the answer.

For days afterward, I treated her with calm and patience, knowing this strong Christian woman would also be told in time.

Now, it's been several weeks, and after several rejections from her... I'm beginning to doubt.

Ryan, that's my questions.  How do you stay in faith when your prayer has been answered?  Noah didn't think, "This is nuts. I'm not finishing this boat."  He persevered.  How does a person find such faith?

Sorry for the long question.
Thanks so much for your time.
God Bless.


Thanks for your question.  I know that romantic love and partnership is a tremendously important matter, so I can understand your desire for understanding and clarity from God.

It's hard to answer this without knowing more about the answer you received from the Lord.  

For the sake of offering an answer, though, I will assume that God has indeed told you that she is "the one".  If this is the case, then you'll have to consider how your partnership will come about.  If it is pleasing to God that you two should be together, you still have several ways to approach her.  Will you expect God to create feelings for you within her heart?  Will God expect you to woo her?  You see, the conviction that you ought to be together does not make it happen.  You have a part to play.  

Again, I don't know how you're going about your approach to her.  I don't know what led to the several rejections.  With limited information, it's hard to assess the situation well.

I would encourage you to act in faith that God is involved, but also act with the awareness that her heart must be won.  Don't approach her as the woman who must know that God wants you together; approach her as a woman who has affections that must be won over.  It sounds like she's worth waiting for, working for and praying for.  In the meantime, ask God to mold you into the kind of man you ought to be for such a woman.  This may be His time to prepare you and shape you for such a relationship.  Focus on that process of preparation while you show here love and respect.  Trust God and her with the timing.

Please feel free to follow-up with further questions/comments about these things.  I'm open to continuing the conversation.  

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