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Dear Rt.Rev.Harold

My family were water baptised Christians for 6 years and tried our best to follow our Lord Jesur and lead a pure Christian living to the best of our ability.

We will be going to Taiwan for a holiday from 22.3.13 to 1.4.13 and during the trour, we will be visiting a number of Buddhist and Taoist Temples. Our question is: As Christians, are we allowed to go into these buildings just for sightseeing? We will not be doing or saying anything while inside not will we be touching anything inside.

I myself is keen to admire the unique architecture of each Temple and also to study the carvings, plaintings and caligriphy from the point of art and culture.

Your prompt reply will be gratefully appreciated.

God bless you and your family!



21 March 2013

Dear Brother in Christ,

The answer is "yes" unless it is conditioned upon
performing acts of worship and/or veneration. For example,
my conscience will not allow me to go into a Islamic place
of worship because one is required to remove his or her shoes.

I'm preparing for Holy Week. Forgive the delay and I will
give you a fuller answer with explanations soon.

Your friend in Christ,

+Harold L. Trott, SSC

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