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Ok, I hope no one minds, but I'm really a non believer.  I dont wish to be a jerk or anything, but I have a question about something that has never made sense to me.  Why does satan punish sinners?  Now what I mean is that what I understand from what religious people have told me is that satan use to be gods go to angel, his best one, then satan got mad and turned against god, and god cast him to hell  Now when some one does bad, they go to hell and satan punishes them.  So Why is satan punishing people for the same thing he did, or also punishing people he tricks (I don't understand a lot of this) I hope this question makes sense.

Hi Ben,

In my view, this teaching is not biblical, but it is very common.
Biblically, Lucifer is a servant of God who enables humanity to exercise our free will. God has no opposites nor equals. God decides who deserves His blessings and who does not.

Hell is not a place of torment ruled over by fallen angels etc. God is not a torturer. Most everything related to this topic is unbiblical. If interested we can discuss this further.

~ John of AllFaith  

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