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QUESTION: If their is a demons present in church. And the people or not really aware of what's going on what needs to be done. Is their anything leadership should do to perpare the people.

ANSWER: Eunita,

It is my understanding that demons are spiritual. They only have the power that people give them. They do not have power over you otherwise. For that reason, the only preparation, that I see that a church needs to do, is simply making people aware that they have power over all of those things. Also, I think it is important that the church is tell its people that the same power that was in Jesus Christ, is also in them. Remember what Jesus said. In effect, "everything that I've done, you can do, and even greater things."

If there's anything else you need information on or clarification, please write me again.

Graig :-)

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QUESTION: Ok so i guess what i am asking is if leadership is casting out demons and their are babies in christ presented how do you handed that if they don't know what's happen. Should they be standing over the person and praying with leadership.


I think your answer is, they don't expose those babes in Christ to things they can't handle. As far as understanding, that is a process of education. The process of dealing with any spiritual powers is to recognize what power any spiritual being has over anyone. Anyone new in Christ should be taught this. It is a process.

There is no difference in value. A pastor is just someone who helps prepare his flock to go out with the same knowledge he has, and do the same things he does. He would prepare those new babes in Christ in the same why he was prepared. It is the recognition of the Life of Christ in any of us that releases in us the power to do what are capable of.

Graig  :>D

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