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Shawn wrote at 2014-09-15 04:39:53
I commend your thorough response to the questions asked. I have a concern with your implying that Paul and other writers of what we call the "New Testament" were mistaken in their writings.I believe that, for Christians, the old and new testament writings serve as the ultimate guide for our lives--laying out what is expected of us...and in their original form--without error. Paul was divinely called, converted, and appointed by God himself (through Christ). Paul, being human, recognized his gross error in persecuting Christians and "after" his conversion (which was supernatural) he became a defender of the cross. Though the golden rule is just and absolutely necessary, it was not the reason for Jesus being put to death (though no human man could have taken his life).The two main reasons that the bible covers concerning "why" Jesus had to die (only to rise again) are (1)it was God's will (2)it was impossible for any human to redeem himself, thus, Jesus dying for the ungodly--the ultimate expression of God's love toward his people.

According to the scriptures, it was Adam's transgression that resulted in sin being passed on to every human following him. I don't claim to be absolutely sure...but I do believe that it was no coincidence that Jesus was born of a virgin. It was in Adam that we all died "figuratively speaking", not the woman(Eve). I man could not have anything to do with Jesus' consummation or birth, otherwise he would have been tainted with sin. Jesus was completely sinless, thus, qualifying him as the only suitable "Lamb" that God would accept as an offering for sin. Up util that point it was the blood of bulls and goats that was shed for the symbolic forgiveness of sins. According to the scriptures, God was not satisfied with those continual sacrifices and offerings for sin because they could not purge the conscience of sinful men. Christ was definitely our substitute. He was the only one qualified by God to atone for our sinful state. The old testament was a school master--displaying symbolically what Christ would later fulfill. He is the "true" Lamb that was slain for our sin. If all men had to do was treat others the way they would want to be treated, Christ would not have had to die. Though love covers a multitude of sins--it does not remove sin as the Lamb that John the Baptist talked about does. To suggest that being born again only requires the application of the golden rule leads one to believe that Christ is not the nucleus--the author of our faith. Why, then, Christ? There is much more to say concerning this topic. I hope that I did not come across in a hostile way--since I don't believe in that type of practice. Thanks for your words.

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