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Why is there a contradiction?

2 Samuel 24:1 (ASV)
And again the anger of Jehovah was kindled against Israel, and he moved David against them, saying, Go, number Israel and Judah.


1 Chronicles 21:1 (ASV)
And Satan stood up against Israel, and moved David to number Israel.

>That's a BLASPHEMY!!! Can you explain why?

Thanks and L.F.

ANSWER: Hi Dave!
I'm sorry, I don't see the blasphemy!   Could you go in detail and explain your point.
Remember to keep your text in context.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: ok thank you for the quick response though

And sorry for the word "blasphemy" if it offended you. It's just the negligence of the translators maybe in their duties! But my question is that since mostly of them claimed that they've been guided by the HOLY SPIRIT, and claimed that the BIBLE is a holy thing from God, but why is still there EXIST an error??? You know what I mean right?

Try to read and compare that TWO verses above! How can you reconcile that for me?

Thanks and L.F.

ANSWER: Hi Dave,
Sorry I'm aa little late with my second response, but I had to preo=pare for worship and to be in fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  I pray your day of worship has been a blessing also.

Now to address your question concerning I Chron. 21:1 and 2 Samuel 24:1.

Being a Bible Scholar myself, I'm quite aware that we often do not ssay things as clearly as we meant to say.  The same is true in this case.  There is no contradiction here. The onemost clear is I Chronicles "Now satan stood up against Israel, and moved David to number Israel."

Remember when I said for you to keep it in context.  This is a very important point.  You can't know the full meaning of a text unless you exhaust all avenues to know the context - that includes David's mindset.  David was king over Israel. Israel was misbehaving 'badly'. This was weighing heavy on David - after all, a leader is only as good as his/her followers.  So David was conflicted!  He was listening to his people (fighting with their resoning), feeling somewhat threatened, feeling a bit divided.  Remember the Scriptures tell us, "A house divided will not stand." David knew God's Will and he knew the people's will - perhaps pride raised it's ugly head. We can all identify with that can't we.  So, Satan/Adversary tempted David, and David didn't resist strong enough to overcome the urge to disobey God. (How many of us have fallen to our knees and asked for forgiveness for such a sin?)
Now scholars who rightly divide 2 Samuel 24:1 take into account that God is Creator of all - both good and evil.  They lean to the point that God 'allowed' Satan to tempt David.  So as you can see, both scholars are correct - there is not contradiction here at all
(or blasphemy).

Let me finish clearing up the two texts.  If you check the Barns Comentary you will find more clarification.  A number of devoted scholars belive the original language suggests that the first sentence "Again the anger of the Lord was aroused against Israel" is actually the title of the next section that follows.  So if that is truen and I too believe that it is, then the actual text would begin with, "He moved David against them...."  Again we conclude there is no contradiction.  Like I sid Dave, we must examine every avenue before we come to a conslusion.
God hates sin! God would not make David sin.  God does not contradick Himself - God is Holy.

If you're interested in the sin - let me explain further.
 What's wrong with taking a census in this case?  If you do your homework Dave you will find that numbering the people wasn't always a sin. Read Numbers 1 and 26. But the point is, it was a sin this time.  Why?  Well, there were two reasons to take a census in those days. 1. To assessa tax. 2. To prepare to pull an army together.  Note: You see, God had blessed David with abundance and on top of that, He had given Isrel peace from its enemies. Point: David wanting to take a census demonstrated a lapse in David's faith! Instead of depending upon God to be the nation's shield, David was looking to the physical evidence of his national strength. (Oh, how we can identify!)  

His military commander was forced to follow Kavid's command - that's another important point.
Notice verse 4, it says, "the king's word prevailed,"not God's word prevailed.  Proof again there is no contradiction between the two verses.

I could go on and on Dave, but perhaps I've helped to peak your interest in seeking out the conclusion.  Satan is very resourceful in promoting defiance among men.  As you read on, you will find how important it is to know the facts before you make a decision.  Remember, when you make a choice, you also choose the consequences.  David had a lapse..... he reaped what he sowed.

Blessings, my friend, I hope this was helpful.

Reverend Ramona Stonecipher

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for that Rev

Anyway, I just want to know this thing from you. Who "INCITED" David to number Israel? Was it "SATAN"? or "GOD"??

If You would say(just in case)<<"depending with the BIBLE VERSION I'm using">>, then, how would you reconcile that for me?

Thanks once again (Sorry if you don't understand my point(in case); I'm a Filipino. Not good in English Language)

Please read carefully my last answer to you.  The Adversary incited David - not God. God does not tempt anyone to sin against Him.
You're doing fine with your English.   If you read carefully the background I gave you on the text, you will understand  why David did what he did. Clearly, it was the Adversary tempting David.

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