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Not too long ago I met a wonderful girl while working. We talked a bit and I discovered that though she had been raised as a christian by her father and mother (thought they were divorced), she had become a bit of a 'free spirit' when she went away to college. She had a Gob of different beliefs all wrapped into one; She believed she had a past life in a world or city called Lyra (Lee-rah) which idolized cats or something to that effect. She believed that God was in our minds, and that heaven was a state of mind that could be achieved through meditation. And she believed tidbits here and there of other religions, (ie, budism, norsk mythology, and Hinduism) as well as parts of evolution. Through all that, she still maintained that she WAS a christian, just not in the "normal" sense of the term... She believe that Jesus died as a 'metaphor' for our sins.

I decided that there was enough hope there, as well as the general attraction i already had to her, that I could maybe date her, and though it caused a lot of strife in the beginning, things all worked out. She eventually shed her strange 'beliefs' which were no more than i had assumed, just things to make her stand out from the crowd. And she began reading her bible, admittedly more than I did. The problem that arose then, was of a demonic nature. Which is where my question begins, because this is where it seemed to all get rough again. but much, much, MUCH worse...

We were living in a condo that had previously been her grandmothers'. Her grandma had the great gob of beliefs like My Ex had. And My ex didn't want to part with any of her Grandmothers' things, including but not limited to some statues of buddah, and norsk viking lords, and my LEAST favorite, the tarot cards... I ignored the cards for a while, but little things here and there kept getting me worked up, and irritated, and feeling estranged from the world, so I finally asked her to throw them away. She said no, and a fight began. I finally told her i could feel the bad energy, so she threatened to test me by hiding 3 decks of cards and the tarot cards each under respective pots and pans each in a corner of the room, and having me guess which held the tarot cards. I agree'd under the stipulation that when I pointed to the right one, she would throw them away. However, she instead cleaned the entire room, and tried to hide the cards. When I got home from work, I felt the cards' presence even more than ever, and asked why she hadn't gotten rid of them yet, which shocked her. When I pointed at a white box, and said they are in there, She couldn't believe that I had really just 'guessed' that. It was scaring me at this point, and she said she would pass them on to her cousin, since she didn't want to throw away her Grandma's stuff, but a week later the cards were still there. Finally, she called her mom, and her mom prayed with her over the phone as my ex burned the cards... IN THE LIVING ROOM FIRE PLACE!!! I felt shivers of cold the second i walked into the condo, but my ex 'promised' me that her and her mother had properly banished the demon that was in the cards. What's worse, the recently shampoo'd carpets showed a distinct set of footprints, right, left, right, left, right, left, leading from the fireplace to the hardwood floor next to the back door. thin, small , elongated, and with toes. Ashy footprints. Our kitten ran over and started licking the footprints, and we pulled him away instantly.

Her and I began fighting more often than ever before, and about the dumbest of things. Until finally, a few months later, I called my parents and asked if I could stay with them until I could find an apartment of my own.

Bottom line, I am not convinced that the demon in those cards has left, even though I prayed a prayer of blessing over our house and  family from a scripture study and fellowship book I was given by my sister. I don't know if it was the demon, or the premarital abode sharing and other whatnots, or a mix of the two that led to this separation. But my heart and mind would be at ease if you could please explain anything you can. Did the demon go? Did I dwell on it too much and that allowed it back in? Was it part or all of the reason for the tensions? And on top of it, is her past, the reason that I felt compelled to leave her? I prayed deeply for weeks on what to do with my life since God knows and I don't. And I have become pro at making tons of the wrong decisions. And all at once I had so many people telling me that I needed to leave her, that I felt it must have been God trying to get a message through to me that I was blind to see before. I'm terribly confused, and concerned as to whether I made the right decision, or made an assumption that God was telling me to leave. And as to whether or not that demon is truly gone, or if it is going to try to come back into my life. I pray that God protects me from it. Thank you.

Dear Sam,

A diabolical situation for sure! Please understand that I can only answer theoretically from what you have described, since being present is the only way to really be able to tell...

Spirits do not inhabit inanimate objects. They can use them, but the real dwelling places of demons are in living entities. (ie people, animals, etc.) The exceptions being disembodied spirits that linger looking for another victim if their subject dies, is born-again, is delivered, etc...

So, having said that, if there was a spirit (it sounds like it to me), and your ex-wife, by her practices, had entertained it, and she hasn't been delivered of it, theoretically that spirit is still having it's way with/through her. If you are still having problems in the house, then there could have been other spirits aware of hers (and your) naivety and took advantage of the situation to hole up there and harass you...

Reading a book with a right premise and without any authority given by THE FATHER, through HIS SON for you to exercise against this spirit will usually end in failure. Consider;

Act 19:14  Seven sons of one Sceva, a Jewish chief priest, were doing this. And the evil spirit answered and said to them, "I recognize Jesus, and I know about Paul, but who are you?" And the man, in whom was the evil spirit, leaped on them and subdued all of them and overpowered them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded."

If you are a part of a good, bible believing, bible DOING Fellowship that understands this realm, then I would encourage you to talk to your pastor and have the elders (those who are specifically acquainted with demonology) to come and walk through your house, praying, discerning and cleansing it as they are led by THE FATHER and HIS SPIRIT! If you are not a part of such a fellowship, I would encourage you find one asap and address these spirits by HIS power!

I will be praying that you and they are clothed with HIS protection as you seek to honor HIM, according to HIS WORD and that you all are empowered to be victorious over these dark entities that seem to be getting more aggressive as the day (of HIS return) is coming closer!

Pastor Ron

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