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Hello Mr. Hohmann,
I have been invited to a home Bible Study group. Consisting of 12 people so far, ranging in ages between 40's and 70's. Before I attend can you please help identify this particular group. I do not want to be misled or be onvloved with any group that is not practicing the right Christian doctrine.

They use a Bible called " New Testament Recovery " version Bible and they also use a " Old Testament Recovery " version.
At Church they use pamplets and booklets produced by the "Living Streams Ministry".

The Church is called The Church Of Recovery. Thier local Church here is a branch of this and called The Church Of Phoenix.
They refer to themselves as The Body Of Christ.

Any info or guidance is Appreciated !!

An organization that produces its own version of the Bible usually does so for the purpose of producing a translation that is friendly to their particular beliefs and doctrines. This then raises a red flag in my mind. The organization also seems to be overly focused on the personality or personalities of leaders of the past and tends to allow their writings to be the benchmark whereby Scripture is interpreted and understood. This too raises a red flag.

On doing an internet search, I found this link that I feel is of interest:

A church can actually teach truth, yet still "mislead" people through psychological means.  From what I have read on the internet, there are mixed signals in this regard.

Best thing to do is to try and find former members and see what they have to say about the organization.

Bill Hohmann

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