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There are so many religions and beliefs. How can we/I be certain Christianity and God is the right one? How do we know it's real? The bible books were discovered, but how do we know it wasn't someone writing fiction. I want to belive so bad it hurts, but I have doubts.
Thank you for your time!

Hi Misty,

No person can know anything absolutely. We can know enough to provide a degree of certainty. That gives us enough certainty to reach out a little bit further and seek to know and understand. When we find that what we are working with now, is consistent with what we were working with, we know we have something.

Christianity is like that. Is there a certainty there, to trust that perhaps this is real?

First of all, my understanding is that the Bible is a collection of accounts of how people have related to who and what that they understood was God. Out of those experiences come certain principles which we can rely on. When we apply those principles, we see that they work. As long as this principle remains consistent throughout whatever we apply them to, we know we have something that is real.

The Bible tells us that Christ was a unique person. He had a special relationship with God. He demonstrated that relationship and taught it has well. Some of the things that he did more miraculous. Then he told those followers that were closest to him that they could do the same things he did if they understood his relationship to the father. At one point he said, (paraphrase) “look, I can’t do anything by myself. It is a father with in me that does what I need to do.” Philip once came to Jesus and said, (paraphrase) “you’ve been talking a lot about the father. Show us the father and will be convinced.” Jesus said, “Philip have you been with me so long and you really don’t understand what’s going on here? I and the father are one.”

Misty, if that is true, Jesus was sharing something about who we are. Now, if we pay attention to that and act on it, and those things come true, we know were dealing with something that is real.

Misty that is how we test things. We hear about something we’re interested in. We value it enough to act on it. It works in our life, therefore we see that it is real or true. As long as we can continue testing something based on a principle, and the results remained consistent, we know we have a real principle.

What are some of the principles that we find in those accounts described in the Bible? One of them is love or life. It is valuing life to the extent that we want to help created, enhance it, and help her to continue to grow. The second one is truth. We want to know that which is real, because when we act on something that is real we get positive results. Thirdly beauty or order. Beauty and order is essential in order to grow and advance. And we know that if we act on any of these, were going to get positive results. They support life. We also know that if we fail to act on those principles which support life, we get death or disintegration; a breaking apart into its individual pieces.

I hope this has helped you. If you have further questions or need clarification on what I’ve said, please don’t hesitate to write again.

Graig :-)

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