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dear brother in jesus christ

im single >> i wnat ot get married;  in the mean while i have to excel in job too; im caught in between this two;

>>im desperatly seeing a girl in my life very soon> but i have to concentrate in my job

>>. tell some technique to over come this depression

>>im prayin prayin im not get annointed with holy spirt

im using all ways quan bible dammpaa

?>> it is not about faith>

but now it has to work

>> some miracle has to happen in my life

so taht ill get a good girl in my life

now im in 34 time is very less for me >>hardly im finding time to think about marriage
bz i have to concentrate in my job

>>> now help me to achieve a miracle

shoe me the way to get a mracle

i need good cute girl to marry for that im working very hard

being a single person it crushes me.>> i want to break this lonlyness
>> kindly think imagine about

a person who in jailor war prisoner how desperately wants to come out of proble

kindly imagine im in no man land " like tom hans in cast away" flim

i have to despertaly find a way to peaceful living victorius living

how to get a miracle as i wanted?

   The last time I checked, miracles were not for our convenience. Miracles come about so that the glory of God can be manifest.  I know of no method to "get a miracle."  I understand the loneliness, and I may be able to help with that.  Look realistically at the gender distribution in India, especially within the Christian community.  Even within the country as a whole, the numbers are not balanced, with 94 females for each 100 males.  I would think that the ratio in the Christian community would be no higher, or perhaps even lower.  The simple fact is that there may not be a marriage in your future.
   I don't know God's specific plans for you.  But for all of us God wants only the best.  However, it is the best from his point of view; not from our point of view.  God does not think the way we do.
   For now, you should think about why you are working so hard.  We should work so that we can live.  We should not be living just to work.  My suggestion would be to find a way to work fewer hours each week, and use those hours to volunteer at your church.  Not only will you find your soul enriched, your faith strengthened, and your spirit energized; but you just might meet a young Christian woman with similar interests.
   I hope this helps some.

Wayne Tucker

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