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I'm sorry there was one other thing i forgot to mention to, in the mist of her crying really hard, she was telling me that one other person that has made her cry the as hard as i made her cry she broke up with. But she wanted me to know that she loves me more then i will ever know, the next day we didnt break up, we made up but things were still rocky, finally on the following weekend, she breaks up with me, and this is our first break up.

Hi Christopher,

Thank you for writing. I am sorry to hear about your situation, Let's see if we can sort things out.
You have given me most of the information I need respond to you.
but,I have a few  more questions that will help me better respond to you.

How old are you both? Are you both practicing Christians with a relationship with God. (Not for judgment, just for information)

I will respond as soon as I get your response.
Dr. Swaby

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I am a licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, I have done marriage Counseling Pre-Marriage Counseling, Biblical Counseling, and Counseling with teens. I love sharing information that will assist one with their walk. Even when we make a mistake it is important not to give up, but to repent ask forgiveness and get back on track. I enjoy encouraging and praying with my fellow Christians.

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