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QUESTION: When a male and female Christian are married would it be honoring to God if they decided that they would see the beauty and excitement of their love making by videotaping it?

   I/We wouldn't do it because we enjoy it enough the first time.  Watching it just wouldn't be the same for us.  But as long as you both agree, and one of you isn't secretly recording it for personal pleasure later, I don't see any problem.  Married couples are free to explore the pleasures of their sexuality in any way they choose, as long as damage to one another is not involved.  Damaging each other is not part of God's plan for humanity.
   But, even if the two of you agree, the recording must remain private between just you two.  No sharing; no posting; no publication or broadcast of any kind.  That would definitely NOT be honoring God, as your nakedness, and hers, would be on display for others to see.

Wayne Tucker

p.s.  If you haven't read The Song Of Solomon together, I recommend it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Wayne.  I am sure that is all true.  The reason I ask is because when I am married, which I am not now I think I will want to videotape my sex and talking because I like this idea of talking and think I would like the sex recording.  

This carries me over to this question of interesting* curiousity:  God expresses that enjoying the breast is good for a husband and does not condemn oral sex so why is butt sex so evil?  Going oral is not God's plan nor does he tell Adam to do it.  I do know that butt sex can bring disease and I wonder if there is a way to do it safely, then how could be contrasted to butt sex in morals?  Breasts are sexual too.  For the fun of it:  God didn't but could've said:  do not focus on the breasts because they are for babies.  I also come to another wonder from Solomon's love book so that will be asked later.

   Why do you think anal sex is considered evil?  I find no such indication for husbands and wives.  Now, between two men, yes, it is described as an abomination.
   The Song of Solomon reads like the script for a stage production.  Whether Solomon wrote it, or it was just dedicated to him, is uncertain.  But there is good stuff there.


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