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Frank wrote at 2013-08-15 22:04:18

Thankyou for your replie.

A friend of mine who is dear too me, brought his up.

Unlike her in the questions she has put to me.

However! I an giving her space on a few things, but at he same time  she Ever had me worried about my own salvation.

So thank you. I am not going mad here.

That's why l wrote to you lot, without going to my own leadership ref his and my concern for her!!.

I think she is talking to Jehovah Witness! Infact I am sure of his! Here name has poped up now and again.

My friend is going through a lot! And I don't know how to help her, she was so so strong, yet now she seem to be on a downward staircase!

Christains have got it wrong now!

The question was more to do with my friend, not me! But put it across it was me, that way l would be able to help her out of whatever is going on with her!

I think this Jehovah witness is not helping at all and is making hings worst!

What do I do o help her?

How can I get her back on track?

I am so cross as I did notice heir are Jehovah witness on his site too.

Brainwash people, am sorry but hats my opinion.

Am losing a really good friend here because of Hesse people.

Any help what to do?



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Since 1990 when I became a Christian, my life has never been the same since. God has taken me thro so many experiences of life in spiritual matters as well as real life living. He has taught and shown me so much in a short space of time and as result I have been able to help & teach others. How can I help you. My testimony is "I never knew"!


Experience in the area: A Christian since 1990, I have been involved in spiritual warfare,intercession, praise and worship and front line evangelism. Organizations I belong to: I have been involved with several ministries including Team Thrust, Care and Evangelical Alliance.I am at present a praise and worship drummer and PA technician with my local gospel church.

Educated to College level, but graduated from The University of Life!

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