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Is there anything wrong with going to methodist churches?

I just came out of a very strict church, no instruments, no women preachers, leaders, no miracles, no nothing.

I was baptized in this church. The reason I left was because I was threatened and insulted rather viciously.

After a time I was told by God to return to church, yet am confused with all these churches. He also told me to pray very often for salvation. God honors free will yet of course God does indeed call us to pray for the salvation and conversion of all. So I believe he told me to pray for myself and another.

I felt this was God. After so long I have been doubting though, yet I feel I must stay in the faith and follow what I believe to be Gods instructions.

Any feed back would be appreciated.

Well Raul. this is what is called "deception"...and it is not of God..  By this second attempted deception you might be able to figure out who is behind it! But I doubt it!

If believers in Christ, are THE CHURCH, how does one return, if they already are, OF THE CHURCH?

He said, " preach the gospel to the poor! "  Not just pray for them!  Course one can't give another what they don't possess themselves.

[[[ yet I feel I must stay in the faith and follow what I believe to be Gods instructions. ]]]

You wouldn't know the True from the False Raul. So just keep to your belief, and you will undoubtedly find out your error, in the end!

Sincerely In Christ
Mr B.

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