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Went to the church

Don't know why you think it's fake, I ask because I value your opinion.

I wanted to ask what the Holy Spirit does to us.

People were falling down, crying, one vomited, I did nothing of the sort, but I did allow myself to be prayed over for Abby, was going to opt out. After the service the minister doing the praying, told me to stay strong and keep moving forward.

He wasn't pushing anyone, I know because he didn't push me, and I was observing him with others.

Raul, I did not say it was fake. I said, I feel that the Pentecostal would be more to your liking.  From your post it sounds like you took Abby?  Is that right?

Raul, I want to give you a heads up...I've been in this ministry over 30 years and have seen much, and learned much.  And whatever God does, the counterfeiter, can and does counterfeit it, and unless one is sensitive to the Holy Spirits leading, they can and do fall for the counterfeit..  This is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit... 1 Corinthians 12..

Mr Burns

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