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I was raised catholic then at 19 I joined a strict church. It was not a good experience, no unity, lying, back stabbing, my second church was worse.

The experience at my second church caused me to become a very strong atheist.

But then I met my best friend. During the time when I first met her, I started seeking God again. I asked if I could date/marry her. I then started seeing things saying to pray, and I'd often run into individuals who said pray, be patient, and have faith.

I asked God during this time to reveal himself to me. He did indeed do this. God also started nudging me to return to Him and pray. So I've been praying for myself and friends salvation.

My question is simple, has God spoken to me and why is the young lady involved.

Dear Raul

Thank you for your question.  I apologise that work commitments have prevented me from replying sooner.

Your story of faith is fascinating, and I think there is a depth of authenticity to you that is admirable.  Many people do not question their religious experiences enough and often have crises of faith only when older or when they encounter difficulties.

It is great that you prayed and asked God to reveal himself to you and that you felt him respond.  

Relationships are complex issues and sometimes people come into our lives for a season or a reason.  I would encourage you to take your relationship slowly, trusting that if there is more than friendship that God will show this to you in good time.  

It is not possible to guess exactly why the lady is involved, but it certainly seems that God has spoken to you and will continue to do so.

One piece of useful advice I got was not to worry so much about what God wants us to DO, but rather be concerned about who God wants us to BE.  Through our character and the leading of the Holy Spirit we will be guided without necessarily knowing all the answers ahead of time.

God bless you Raul.

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