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QUESTION: I was raised catholic then at 19 I joined a strict church. It was not a good experience, no unity, lying, back stabbing, my second church was worse.

The experience at my second church caused me to become a very strong atheist.

But then I met my best friend. During the time when I first met her, I started seeking God again. I asked if I could date/marry her. I then started seeing things saying to pray, and I'd often run into individuals who said pray, be patient, and have faith.

I asked God during this time to reveal himself to me. He did indeed do this. God also started nudging me to return to Him and pray. So I've been praying for myself and friends salvation.

My question is simple, has God spoken to me and why is the young lady involved.

ANSWER: Hi Raul,

I've read your post and can definitely say, Yes, God does speak. He has given us His written word, and has given us the opportunity to receive the very same Spirit who caused His word to be written, that we might Know, what is meant, by what is said. 1 Cor.2

Raul, could I ask you to describe a couple of things for clarification? When asking for Him to reveal Himself to you, how did that come about?  And secondly what is it that you are praying for, concerning you, and your friends salvation?  When salvation is something you believe from reading His word, or hear, about His son, and confess that belief to Him? Romans 10:9,10

BUT, at the same time concerning the Lords speaking in that still small voice, there is another who also can speak, counterfeiting His voice, with his own..!  This is why, believers and receivers of the Spirit of Christ, have the ability to " discern " the one from the other. 1 Cor. 12.

Raul can you also mention a little about your " friend " and her beliefs and religious background?  

I await your reply...

Mr Burns

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: He revealed himself through science.

Yes my friend is a believer, but she does seem to not follow the right path as many. I've prayed for both of us to change.

My belief in God for salvation is based on serving God and having faith.

I know that there is outside forces that wish to attract us. Yet I wouldn't know if satan would tell me to pray, have faith, and such. Also I don't know if he'd want me to pray for salvation

ANSWER: Hi Raul;

Could you explain a little on what you mean, by science?  I appreciate it Raul...  See I have heard and seen Hugh Ross the astro scientist who now has a website " Reasons to believe!"  I've heard his testimony and how he and his scientist collegues debate non believers through science into believing in intelligent design, by a Designer.

So I would be interested in hearing your experience. If you don't mind.

Raul, one changes through abiding in the teachings and spiritual revelations that HE brings into ones life. He uses John 15, as an example..... You will notice that the branches in the VINE, have been grafted into the VINE by His handiwork.  The Branches are those that have come to a saving belief in the VINE.

But notice these two branches. One is producing the fruit of the VINE, while the other, although in the VINE, is not producing any fruit.

It isn't the VINES fault that this branch isn't producing, it has to do with the Branch and its believing.  Same as the sower and the seed parable...  They hear, and receive the seed sown, but the cares and worries and deceitfulness of richs, and such thing " choke " the seed from producing.

Raul if I may. God don't need servants, He has millions of angels to do that. HE wants sons and daughters to come to know HIM and fellowship with Him..  To mature them through the process of them being transformed, conformed, into the perfect images of Jesus Himself.

Secondly, you will notice that it isn't our faith, that gets things done, but our believing in His ability to do what He said He would do...  " When we are faithless, He is faithful, for He cannot deny Himself."

If we believe His word, and take that measure of faith and Grace (his empowerment)  He gave us, and place that little faith in His faithfulness, then He can bring to pass His will.....Rom 12:3 For I say, through the grace that was given me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but so to think as to think soberly, <u>according as God hath dealt to each man a measure of faith.</u.

Raul just as Paul wrote about another Jesus, and Paul taught of those who had a different salvation than he. Just as in your Catholic teachings. Mary is also used as a means of salvation....  This is why He said, " try the spirit, to see if it be of God!"  Why?  Because there are other spirits trying to deceive, is all sorts of ways...

See Raul. Praying or talkking to the Lord, millions do every day...  BUT it is hearing Him talk to you. Personally, and intimately, from ones fellowshiping with Him, is His desire. Paul speaks about praying, in many places, and Jesus also....  When they said... " Praying IN THE SPIRIT! "  Worshipping, IN THE SPIRIT!

See Raul, He has given us His very presence, to live and abide in us, and He did with Jesus.  And through His abiding, he manifests himself through miracles, and gifts, and even to giving us the language of the angels, in " tongues " as 1 Cor. 12 speaks, and Paul speak in 1 Cor 14..

So I would love to work with you and your friend to help examine the things that you allow to be built on your foundation of belief In Jesus Christ, Lord of lords, and King of kings....

Sincerely In Christ
Mr Burns.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I do believe in evolution, but a scientist named Gerald Schroeder his findings are very interesting.

Some atheists including scientists go out of there way to lie, one deleted parts of a letter from another scientist to defend his agenda, another says this universe is not designed for life, he's been refuted. Richard Dawkins also said the multiverse is a better explanation for life, yet that's 1 in a 120 power chance.

I know or am pretty sure God exists.

My fruits are kindness, I do not give much to charity if at all, I make very little.

Hmmm I thought I answered this question or post, but here it is again..

Raul....  The wisdom of men is foolishness, according to wisdom of God. 1 Cor. 1.

Science is ever changing as new discoveries appear..  And I think God does so, just to confuse the wisdom and knowledge of men..

Raul near everyone in the world believes in god, or a god, of some sort or another... But to know the God, the maker of all things seen, one must come to know His son..  There is no other way of Knowing the father, save through the Son...  It is how He planned it, and how it works.

Which is why He/God/ Spirit made Himself a human body, in which to come and dwell, and be manifest so man could come to know Him, through the Son, in which He dwelt..  and now can dwell in a corportate body, called the Church, the Bride, the Body of Christ corporate and world wide.

Read 2 Peter 1, and you will find a list of just some of the fruits of being in the VINE Raul.  And one of those characteristics is Godliness. Not man produced, but God, in and through man who is attached to the VINE.

In the kingdom of God Raul, A man take a few seeds, plant some, eat some, and give some away, and still have more from that which he planted. Even the widow lady who gave her last two cents, Jesus noticed. And said she had given more than the rich.  Because this widow was believing that God would see to her needs as He promised, and stepped out believing..

Sincerely in Christ

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