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Dear madam

What is your experience with people and the Holy Spirit entering them.

During a service I saw people crying, falling down, and for some reason one vomited.

Some groups say this isn't Gods work, I for one don't wish to judge how God works, I know that in the NT Jeremiah or Ezekiel were not in control of there bodily functions, Ezekiel was physically willed by God into action, and I think God told Jeremiah he could not talk unless it was Gods word.

When I was prayed over I was not shaken, or anything, but I'm a bit more resistant.

After the service the man who prayed told me to be strong. Don't know why.

Dear Raul,
If the experience doesn't line up with the Scriptures, reject it as an attempt by the enemy to cause confusion. The Book of Acts gives an excellent set of examples, regarding the responses to receiving HIS SPIRIT. I would encourage you to study them, beginning in chapter 2 and progressing through the entire book. Much of the lawless nonsense taking place today in traditional (instead of Biblical) Christendom cannot be found in the Scriptures...

Blessings as you seek HIS TRUTH!

Pastor Ron
PS. I am not a "madam."

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