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QUESTION: I'm very sick

Am praying for a cure of my body. And praying for his intervention in my situation

ANSWER: Raul, what is the sickness? And how long have you been sick?

Mr Burns

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QUESTION: A uti, been sick since December.

I'm always told by some Christians I only imagined the things Ive seen. Yet I know the message was clear, pray, be patient, have faith.

So I have to believe the situation will change even if it takes a while, I feel he promised it in the past

ANSWER: Raul I have to tell you this from the experience of Knowing the Lord for over 35 years...  He never says anything that doesn't line up with His word....   And one can not know that it is His voice, unless they know the Word of God, that the voice lines up with...

Do you have the Word of God for this healing? Chapter, verse???

If you haven't Raul... You had better get to a doctor.  Thank the Lord he has supplied doctors to help, otherwise there would be many dead christians..

Even Luke, a doctor in the time of Paul, was left sick by the apostles..  You have to understand Raul.  IF you were in a jungle environment and got sick, and no doctores, no medicine, and no way out, then you would see the miracle of the Lord...  BUT we live in a society where doctors are all over the place...  So He doesn't have to come to our beckon call!

There was a fellow from Indonesia, who the Lord provided a trip to America...  To make  the story short. He was from a jungle community of Christians where the Lord changed dirty river water into wine for the Communion services...  So Mel asked the Lord why He didn't do that in America? The Lord said, " Why? When they can buy wine on near every corner!"

See what is being said, Raul...?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: My doctor won't treat me, he tried twice, also the urologist is the only one in a city of over 200,000

What chapter and verse?

Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened for you.

I'm not asking for a miracle, just that I get better. Yes I know about Luke.

As for the signs, all I've been told is pray, be faithful, and be patient.

As for my situation, it needs his intervention

Raul.... The word also says, call for the elders of the Church, and they shall anoint you with oil, and pray the prayer of faith and God will Heal you.and forgive any sin.  

And the word also says, IF we ask, according to His will, we have the assurance to have for what we've asked.

Raul....  You were once a Catholic, and you know they have had many testimonies of hearing and seeing appirations of Mary, or Angels who have left messages, and millions of Catholics have fell for this deception.. And yet not one of these appirations came true, and never once in the name above any name.  Voices, appirations, and yes even some miracles can be a counterfeit, unless one knows the true from the error.

When Jesus healed all those we can read about in Matthew, they were healed right away, not months later.  The woman with the issue of blood, was instantly healed...

So my question is why would the Lord ask you to be patient? What is He busy with something or someone else?

Raul, it just doesn't sit right...  And it is hard to believe that a doctor, won't treat you?  So why won't he treat you, when it his sworn duty to do so.?  

Sincerely Mr BURNS...

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