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QUESTION: I was baptized by full immersion after public ally cinfessing and believing in Christ.

I have seen no gifts.

I'm thankful God has told me I won't die, I just wish I knew more about the future.

ANSWER: Raul do you read the scriptures I send, or not...  Because from you answers it seems funny. Acts 19..  Paul ran into Johns disciples...  They had believed upon Jesus as their Messiah, and confessed that belief, were fully dunked in the Jordan river by John....   Now, they run into Paul. He asks the same question I asked you, Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed?  They answered that they hadn't even heard about this.

SO Paul explained the need of receiving the Holy Spirit...  Because the Holy Spirit is the power to work with and in the believer to mould them, and transform them into the images of Jesus Christ...  No Christian, that has confessed belief, been water baptised, has the power to be changed into the character and likeness of Christ.

The gifts are manifest by the Spirit, dwelling and abiding in the believer, and manifest for the need of the moment.... 1 Corinthians 12  Read it.. and learn.

He holds the future Raul, what is there to worry about, if He is in charge of it?

Mr Burns

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QUESTION: I worry of many things, I worry about my friend and myself not being happy.

I answered you honestly. I confessed and was baptized, I received no gifts, we were taught that God doesn't do those things now as in tongues, prophecy,

ANSWER: Raul, you mentioned being under Catholicisms teaching for years. It is no wonder you are confused. For Catholicism is the biggest Cult the world has never yet!

Raul, happiness is a natural emotion that is very fickle. Happy about going fishing in the morning, and so excited one can hardly sleep.  BUt wake in the morning and it is pouring down rain... There goes the happiness.
Paul said the best things is contendedness..  " I have learned a secret he said.... that is to be content in whatever situation I find myself!  When one learns what he meant by that, one has to come to know the Lord, and His faithfulness to see His kids through any situation...  " Yes, even if I walk through the valley of death, I shall fear no evil.  WHY?  Because He is with me!  You do know that He is able to raise the dead, right?
[[[ we were taught that God doesn't do those things now as in tongues, prophecy,]]]

Well you were taught a lie, as the scriptures I have presented to you testify..  Read 1 Corinthians see what is to be going on in the lives of believers singularly, and corporately when gathered together..

Read it Raul.    When men tell you something that doesn't line up with what the bible teaches. One has to decide who they are going to believe. The man, or Jesus in His word..?

Mr Burns.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I gave up the catholic teaching at age 19

I joined the church of Christ after words that's where I was taught.

I guess I do not know how to receive the Spirit.

I know emotions change

You may have quit following the Catholic church Raul, but its teachings are still part of your belief system, as I have pointed out.  

Well the church of christ,is a nice name, but if you didn't know about being born again, or the need of receiving the Holy Spirit, that speaks volumes about their teachings as well..

Like I said, you are here to get the truth from error revealed, so you can lean on the truth, and discard the error..

Yes, and not only emotions but ones faith... The word says...." Even if we are faithless, He is faithful, for He cannot deny Himself!"  So it doesn't rely on our faith so much, as it does as to what we believe.  And you have to know the truth of Gods word, in order to believe it, and receive from Him, the faithul, the faith to receive it..

It really is simple when you KNOW the TRUTH.... " For you shall KNOW THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!"



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