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QUESTION: Abby believes, but makes bad decisions, wrong type of men, drinking, etc.

I prayed she'd be loosed from a bad relationship, she was after 7 years. She has been with the person 7 years and left him during my first year as her friend.

She has a lot of bad influences who don't tell her it's wrong, and sometimes encourage this bad lifestyle.

I think a lot of young people just want a quick thrill.

When I asked God about her, all I think I saw was to pray, be patient, have faith, it's very hard.

That's why I've questioned God, I think only once he told me not to argue, or question, just wait and see, he told me that twice in fact.

But as you've said it may not have been God

I'll try to get my friend to take me, if not I can find one myself

ANSWER: Well Raul, it is what she believes, because even the devil believes in Jesus...

I was a believer for over 40 years Raul, but still lived like the devil..... Until He showed me what I needed..

See He was my saviour, but He wasn't my Lord.  I was Lord of my life, and He showed me 1 Peter 4:1.2.3. as to why I needed all that time, to get tired of all those things. Then I was ready to do what He asked...  Which was invite Him into my life and allow Him to be Lord of it....  It took awhile. He was Lord one minute, and I was lord the rest of 1349 minutes..  When I realized this, I asked about Him becoming Lord more than my being lord, He said, " I will My Son, one day at a time.."  

Well now we are talking 32 years later, He is mostly 24/7 Lord of my life, and still growing in allowing Him even more of my submission to Him who leads..

See how it works...?

Sincerely Mr BURNS

Well Raul I hope you do go to a church that has the Holy Spirit in manifestation.  It will be a great help in your journey..  Let me know how it goes, eh?  Say Hi to Abby for me....  I know her better than you think. ha ha..

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Conversion takes time, I hope she won't have to wait so long, she's only 24.

I'm praying for her daily, maybe the fact that she ended a bad relationship is a sign God is acting.

Hopefully you know something good about her. If so let me know, I need strength to continue at this moment, I'm under attack, or at least feel like I am.

Kidney stones, and stress, I'm tired, I need Gods help, but my heart is full of doubt and anger, I'm to old to be dealing with this nonsense, and I'm string, but often I wanna give up. After 28 years of this I'm just weary.

If you have any good news concerning her, let me know.

ANSWER: Conversion only takes seconds Raul. It is all that is to take afterwards that take the time.

Your stressed, because you are doing the trying....  You are just to believe!  He is well able to do what is necessary, just be that lump of clay...  He'll do the rest..

The good I know about her, is the longer she is wallowing in the mires of this world, the quicker she will come to know the emptiness of it all...  And when that happens, she is then open to see if there is something that will fill that hole in  her heart and soul...  DId you read 1 Peter 4:1,2,3, ????

Mr B..

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: She's been in the mires for a very long time.

Maybe I sound like a fool, I know I am, but I hope I can help her. I hope she sees that I can be better then any drinking, partying womanizer.

She's clay, so am I. I hope God helps her, my stress is mostly over her.

Please take care of yourself, please keep me and her in your prayers.

If you want it, my email is  

Well, as I said Raul, I was a believer, but living my way for over 40 years before the Lord got my attention one evening...  Sept 26th 1982, 11 pm...  

Well until Christ gets hold of you Raul, you won't be much help to her, even if you aren't a partier, or drinker...

So you get to that place with Him, that He is your first love, and then all loves He gives into your life, will be in the right place..  

As He died for one, He died for all.  Her gift has already been bought and paid for, as yours..  It is when we are open to receive it, that we come to understand, why He loved us, even before we loved or even knew Him.

So rest in the fact, and promise of God, that He knows what He is doing Raul.  For you won't change a thing.

Got it?

Mr B..

You can send it if you wish...

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