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QUESTION: I asked God to reveal Himself and he did, I believe in God.

I believe the bible says in places that God would send someone like the Christ, Danielle, and psalms.

I think God told me to pray about my friend, her salvation, and my own, after many months I felt the urge to return to God....but you told me that wasn't God talking to me.

I'm very sick, I'm scared I'm going to die. Am in pain, urologist is only one in the city, seem to have stones, been getting uti's, wondering if stones are the cause.

ANSWER: Raul... God is a Spirit. And as revealed in the Old testament, His people never came to KNOW HIM. They believed in HIM, their prayers were answered by HIM, they heard from Him through the prophets, They knew His reality through the miracles. But they never came to KNOW HIM..

They couldn't keep His commandments nor precepts, because they were trying in their own strengths.. Which was to be a lesson to them, and an example to usward..  SO.........  God made Himself a flesh and bone body, in which to come and dwell.  That through that flesh and blood body, He could reveal Himself to His people, that they may get some idea of what He was like.  That flesh and blood body in which He came to dwell was named Jesus. Conceived by the Spirit/God, and born of the virgin, as prophesied 459 years earlier.

Jesus was a flesh and blood man, with no adamic nature, because He was not conceived by man. Therefore He was sinless and pure from any adamic contamination.  He was raised under Jewish religion and tradition, and knew the torah well.

At around 30 years of age, He was baptized by John at the river Jordan to fulfill prophecy, and what John had said about this coming Messiah. Upon coming up from the waters of Baptism, He was endued with the Spirit/God, who came to dwell in this sanctified, sinless body of flesh and blood.  And proceeded to perform miracles that only God could perform, through a human vessel..  Which Jesus testified over and over... " It isn't I, who doeth the works, buy My Father who lives in ME!

After His death and resurrection, He went into heaven and as promised sent the HOlY Spirit/to abide in the sanctified bodies of His followers and believers...  And God had done for one, He now does for the corporate body of Christ Jesus..

Put your affliction aside for the moment Raul...  I need to know that believe any of what I've just written?

Mr Burns.

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QUESTION: I believe God told me to come back to a Him, and that means His Son, so did satan talk to me or not?

Yes I believe he is God in the flesh

Raul do you not see the inconsistancy in your statements?  You, have said, that you are not sure about who the Christ is? Is Jesus, the Son of the living God, and is Jesus the anointed one{Christ} of God, that through the Son, one comes to know the Father?

And Raul have you, as John 3, Jesus speaking, been born again?  Born of water and the Spirit?

You do know that there is another Jesus, and other gods, do you not?

Mr Burns..

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