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Hi! I am a religious Christian and I also have a strong interest towards reptiles and snakes especially. Strong enough that I want to keep them as pets, care for them and also observe them to learn fro them. Thus far I've found nothing on Bible saying a Christian can't keep a snake as a pet. And I've also thought that the fact that devil went to a snake in Eden is not enough to condemn an entire bunch of species as evil.

Dear Mika
Thank you for your question.

The Bible is fundamentally a collection of sacred texts that teach us about God and his relationship (covenants) with people.  There are no commandments about snake keeping, but there are principles to guide us.

The greatest commandments are to love God with all our heart, mind and strength and to love our neighbour as ourselves.

If snake keeping is a hobby that helps you connect with God through appreciation of a wondrous creation, then this can be a good thing.  The stories of Genesis are a way of understanding how man turned away from God.  Snakes are not evil as a species, any more than any other animal.

What you must be careful about, however, is your own safety and the safety of others as snakes can be dangerous.  Where you live, you will have regulations about keeping snakes and possibly will need some training and perhaps a licence.

God bless <><

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