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QUESTION: Me and this girl like each other. I'm 22 years old and she is 29. Even though the age difference is seven years, we have a lot of chemistry and so much in common and she is very beautiful. I told her that I would take her out for a date and she agreed. When we were talking She told me that she has a daughter, which I don't mind, except I'm worried that she is the result of a previous marriage. This bothers me because I don't want to get involved with a divorcee because the Bible says that this is committing adultery. I realized I should have asked her about it then, but It totally slipped my mind. What should I do?

ANSWER: Dear Nathan,

The passages in Mat 5 & Mat 19 dealing with divorce are based on the premise that the woman was divorced for HER adultery, since that is the only exception. So, yes. If this woman was a professing believer who was/is guilty of adultery as the reason for her divorce, then if you marry her you too will continue the adultery. But if SHE was the victim of her husband's unfaithfulness (ie. he is the one who committed adultery while married to her), then she can remarry, but ONLY a man who is a believer in YASHUA...

Praying YHWH'S goodness to you as you seek to do HIS will!

Pastor Ron

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QUESTION: What if the wife divorces her husband, then what?

Dear Nathan,

If she, being a professing believer at the time, divorced him for any other reason other than for his adultery, then to marry her, according to the words of The MASTER, is to commit adultery...

But the key is; "Was she at the time in covenant with YHWH, through her faith in YASHUA, according to the scriptures?"

Read Malachi 2 on YHWH'S perspective on divorce by those who say that they are in covenant with HIM, but live as though they are not.

Also consider 2Corinthians 5:17 that states that a person being born again becomes a NEW person and everything previous to that has been forgiven...

This is why it is crucial to determine her spiritual stance at the time of her divorce...

Hope that helps you both!

Pastor Ron

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