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QUESTION: Dear Paul,

Recently I overheard someone saying that he lived with his girlfriend and things went wrong because he was not living God's will. He said that God seperates himself from you when you aren't doing what you should.

If this is true wouldn't this mean any time someone did something wrong God would leave them and not try to help?
When someone prays they are opening themselves up to God intervening in their life, correct? Also if I believe what this guy said then it would seem that it would be right to leave people in need because they don't deserve your help. This is opposite from what I had known to be true. Could you please help me with this dilemma?


ANSWER: Not at all Lauren, he obviously experienced the conviction of the Holy Spirit an realised he wasn't honoring God with his lifestyle..

As regards people doing something wrong and God deserting them:
No, God says "I will never leave you nor forsake you, you are my child, I gave my son Jesus so that u mite have life an life in abundance.

So there's no dilemma.

Be at peace and don't let the enemy disrupt it!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Paul! I appreciate your thoughtful response.

Another thing that I was hoping you could help me with is this.
I took a Moral theology class a couple of years ago and something my professor said to me keeps blocking me. He said " God is not a warm and fuzzy God" I can't remember exactly what I said but it inhibits me from receiving love from God. How can I think of this in a true way and a way that will help me feel better.?


Whatever your professor said to you and whatever you said in response,shouldn't inhibit u receiving from the Lord.
Yes u can feel that u aren't close to God at times, but He is always with you, its just that often we move away from him.
A moral theology class is not the way to get to know the true an living God!
Spend time with Him in the word, in meditation, prayer and supplication.
Hes your friend, your confidante, your provider , protector, lover and a friend!
You will only discover this on your and in your own time..............



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