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I've heard that joke.

I have a joke for you. An atheist goes to Ireland and is stopped by an IRA member, he asks him, are you a Protestant or catholic, I'm an atheist he replies I'm an atheist, the Ira member says, yes but are a Protestant atheist or catholic atheist?

I find it funny that you mock scientists when you use science, cars, computers, modern medicine. Churches put men like Galileo in house arrest, they burned priests at the steak for believing that the stars were suns.

Today they go into other countries teaching them nonsense causing the natives to kill their children in the belief they are witches.

They tell people to stay in abusive marriages, to tell gay people they're mentally ill.

In our country congress is full of zealots who try to push creationism in the classroom, stop abortion, ruin healthcare, stop scientific advancement.

Yet...I don't think these things are funny.

Raul jokes are what they are. jokes.  But to all the attrocities done through the centuries with the name of Christian placed in it, is like I mentioned, it ain't Christian.  Christians bear the character of Jesus Christ or it ain't Christian. A Christian that is born of the Spirit of Chris, has the very nature of Christ living and abiding in them.   This is the mandate of God for everyone born of the Spirit!

Sincerely In Christ

Mr B.

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