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QUESTION: May I ask what proof you have for your beliefs as opposed to any other religion?

Also science makes plain that the bible is not accurate, how can you answer this?

ANSWER: Hi John;

John the most simple answer I can give to you, is this...  Jesus Christ was crucified on a Roman Cross. Was pronounced dead, and buried. Three days and nights later He arose from the dead. Jesus Christ is alive from the dead, and alive for evermore.

The difference between all religions and Christianity is simply this.  That one can come to KNOW the Risen Christ, and have a living relationship with the Living God. All other religions talk about Christ,or God,or Allah, or Buddha, or Jehovah, or Confucius, or Mohamed,  but do not and cannot have a personal relationship with them. They cannot ask a question of the author of their writings, because they are dead, and buried.

The scriptures are a spiritual book, and one must be in a relationship with the very Spirit who caused them to be written, in order to understand them, and to come to know the LIFE that is hidden in them.

One can actually come to know the Author of the Bible, and ask and receive the meaning to what has been written. And this proof is available to all believers in Christ, who are born of the Spirit of Christ.

If you have done any study of science John, you will find that every few years, facts stated in their books, have to be changed.  What was once thought of as absolute truth, with factual evidence, is later found to be not so accurate after all.

Sincerely In Christ
Mr Burns

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Many come to KNOW other spirits, in fact they know them in far more intimate ways then Christ, so they claim, in Hinduism, the gods supposedly enter the priests, same in voudou. Btw many voudou priests are Christian. Many of these religions don't preach damnation or the like.

I need proof that Jesus was resurrected. Can you give me any?

the bible is scientifically inaccurate.

Jesus and the apostles proved themselves with miracles.

ANSWER: Hi  John;
John I'm not sure what kind of Proof your looking for?  Miracles, signs, wonders, even others can do such! People coming in contact with other spirits, won't do either.

John if you don't understand why the need of salvation, or the fact that one needs a redeemer! Then I don't know what I can offer you, other than my own experience. Which wouldn't prove anything to you!

And there is no use in showing you the scriptures that speak of the many persons who saw and experienced the resurrected Jesus, cause you won't acknowledge credibility to the scriptures.

So there you go John. Other than asking Him to prove Himself to you, your unbelief has tied my hands..

Sincerely In Christ
Mr. Burns

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Why would I acknowledge the scripture, it goes against proven science, biology, geology, physics, astronomy?

For one who claims that there's so much evidence why can't you offer any?

If I ask a scientist for evidence, he will most likely show me evidence, studies, bones, experiments.

Why do I need a redeemer? My mothers a Christian, yet she ignores the poor, I've helped them and the church far more then she has. So why am I condemned yet not someone who does these things?

John you reminded me of a joke.

The scientists of the world got together praising their progress on cloning, DNA adjustments, test tube babies, growing new body parts, and decided they needed someone to tell God that they didn't need Him any more!

One of their number volunteered to go!

Upon meeting with God he proceeded to state their case of not needing Him any longer!  So God called for a test beore signing off. Challenge accpted said the scientist, what is it!  God said let's see who can make a man from a handful of dirt!  No problem says the scientist, beds down and grabs a handful of dirt!  @Wait a minute, says the Lord.  You have to get your own dirt!

Just because someone or something bears the name "christian doesn't mean it/they is won John.  The tree is known by its fruit!

Sincerely in Chris
Mr Burns

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