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Dear mr burns, I hope all finds you well.

I am overall fine. I deal with rather dishonest people a lot of the time but other then that I myself am safe.

I often wonder if God puts people like this to test me.


Morning Raul. Glad to hear from you..  My wife sometimes gets upset with those unrighteous folks out there in the world also...  I told her if you are looking for the unrighteous to act in a righteous manner, you will be upset alot of the time.  
I think Jesus ran into alot of those kind of folks as well Raul....  But He, as well as us, should remember, that they don't know any better.   Which is why there should be " light " " salt ", coming through from Christians.  

Jesus sat and ate with the sinners, the unrighteous, the dishonest folks, and pointed to those religious folk pointing their fingers at him and those he sat with...   I can just imagine what Jesus was explaining to those at the table, about even the " righteous  "  weren't showing anymore compassion or understanding than they were. And continued to explain why it was so. Without cleaning the inside of the cup, the outside will remain filthy as well.

Jesus only had problems with the religious folk.  Not the sinner.

And yes, He allows many things and kinds of people to cross our paths, for our benefit of self examination, as to how we react, or respond, and if it is of us, or Him, doing the responding.


Stay in touch Raul... Always nice to keep in touch with brothers and sisters...

Sincerely In Christ

Mr Burns..

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