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Hello good morning Wayne. My fiance and I are soon to be married. In July our baby will be born. We would like to know how to go about baptizing him. What are the rules? She is a Catholic and I am Lutheran. The godmother is Catholic confirmed and my brother is Lutheran. Can our child still be babtized in a Christian Church? Thank you for your time and consideration.

   Since I do not know either of the clergy involved here, I cannot say for certain that either, or neither, or both would consent or offer to baptize the child.  I know that some United Methodist pastors will do such baptisms, where there is no membership in the local congregation.  But most will not, without some assurance that the child will be raised in a church.
   This is the key to infant baptism: the promise that the parents will live lives that become the gospel, and the promise of the congregation to uphold both the parents and the child in prayer, and provide an example that draws the child to accept the gift of salvation.  It is this intimate connection between the family and the congregation that is so important.
   That said, Baptism is not about what the parents are doing; not about what the child is doing; not about what the congregation is doing.  Baptism is about what God is doing, and I don't think God is constrained by any of our actions or inactions.
   Your job at this point is to sit down with your pastor, her priest, or any clergy you respect to ask them if they will consent to baptize your child.  Understand that the decision is entirely up to them.  Feel free to follow up, if necessary.

Wayne Tucker

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