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since I was 7 I would put myself to sleep on the hope that when I woke she would be dead. My childhood was spent as a ugly piece of furniture placed in a corner.  Never a kiss,hug or I love you. I suffered thru much anger, sexual abuse that she was aware of and saw the favoritism shown towards siblings. She has never admitted to being wrong and judges everything.  When my twin daughters died we tried to establish a relationship again although she refuses any kind of relationship with her grand children and great grand children. That hurts. She still continues to behave in the same way and I feel that even thou she is my mother that our relationship is toxic.  I cannot take it anymore. I understand to honor your mother and to forgive.  I am 56 and at this point in my life I need a break .  I know it says mothers and daughters will go against each other and it is a sad situation.  What is your advice?

I'm so sorry u have gone through such a wretched life, an when u finally found happiness, to have it taken away by losing ur twins.That was really devastating!
Your question an plea for help has many facets to it.You are still going through the different stages of grief.The loss an love of a mother who it seems, is either incapable of both receiving and giving love.Then theres the sad an tragic loss of ur twin daughters.
There are no quick or easy answers to ur heartache, but our God is a God who loves an cares for those who are brokenhearted....Luke 4:18
I think u should seek counselling to allow u to come to terms (an eventually some sort closure) on what u have gone thro and are still going through.

May the peace an the joy of the Lord Jesus Christ be upon ur life.

Lord I humbly ask that u bring healing and restoration into Debra's life an circumstances.That u may bring people alongside her, to give her the love an protection she so desperately needs.

In ur name I ask an pray these things!


PS, please let me know, how u get on.


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