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QUESTION: PS. You mentioned your daughter's affiliation with church, but you didn't mention whether or not you attended. May I suggest, if you are not, that you consider a place of worship to honor the Lord. If you are saved, you should be worshipping with God's people.

Sir, you do understand that Jesus pointed to the fact, it isn't " WHERE " someone worships, but " HOW " one worships. And one doesn't need to be in a group setting to " worship/praise/or pray " either.

Mr B.


I am very much aware that the Samaritan woman declared that they worshipped "in this mountain". I am also aware that Jesus told her that she worshipped "ye know not what". I have yet to find a passage that says we should ever be like those "forsaking the assembling of yourselves together". It is true that the true worshippers are those who worship "in spirit and in truth". If a person does not love their brother, whom they have seen, how can they say they love God, whom they have not seen. If we don't love the church, whom Christ died for, I question whether or not that person loves the Lord enough to worship Him "in spirit and in truth".

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QUESTION: Brother Senn, it really has nothing to do with whether one loves their brother or not, it depends on " If you walk in the LIGHT, as He is in the Light, you have fellowship with one another. {1 john }
Just because believers are in an assembly, doesn't mean they are walking in the LIGHT..  Remember Paul rebuking those who gathered together for the bread and cup, and they had eaten all the bread, and drank all that was for the cup?  

Chapter 14. Paul explains what is to be happening in the assembly. How many churchs, full of believers, have these gifts of the Spirit in manifestation?  How many unbeleivers in the gifts come to church, and see the gifts in operation and are convicted of their unbelief....

I remember brother Swaggart saying a truth, that some of the most dangerous places for a christian is in many of these " churchs "...! Not that he was painting all churchs with the same paint brush. But there is much deception in way too many. And one is supposed to test the Spirits to see if they are of God. Many have had the Spirit in presence, but He has left, and they continue in their own strengths and volitions, called " Ichabod "....

Have you not known many believers, that truly believe in Christ, but have not as yet come into that living relationship with Him personally?

Respectfully In Christ
Mr B.

PS. Just like my Father, who loves the whole world, but hates the things they do. I also. Love all those who love Him, but I hate many of the things they do. As I love my children, but some of the things they do, I dislike immensely...

The Lord's church, made up of imperfect people,  is imperfect. It will have this character flaw until Jesus comes to take us all home. And the Scriptural agmonition is to not forsake the assembling, as the manner of some is. I'm more disappointed in my own failures than I am in others. I look forward to His return,  when we will all be changed,  and made into that glorious church,  without spot or blemish.

With Love In Christ,
Phillip Senn

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