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I'm dating a girl that's a psychic medium and she wants to have sex with me. The problems is I'm afraid to have sex with her because I don't want to end up possessed. I don't even want to tell her how I fill because I don't want her to work any type of mojo on me. How do I get out of this situation. I can't have sex with this girl because I understand the synchronistic connection of a mutual orgasm. I've been in relationships before and sometime having sex was like making a spiritual connection. Like forming a union with somebody. I don't want to form a union with this girl and I'm afraid to tell her I don't. I don't want to end up possessed because I made a psychic have a orgasm. I haven't been going to church like I should but my parents raised me to be Christian. I've never been in a situation like this and I need your advice.


I can address your ultimate concern by answering a different question than the one you've asked.  The truth is, your first need is to belong to Jesus in intimate relationship with him.  In doing so, you'll not date this woman or women like her who live in lifestyles that are so clearly against His good ways.  Also, as you live in Him, with Him and for Him, you'll want to be pure sexually, not to avoid possession, but to please Him and live the fullest life.  

I can see why you're concerned about this, but your concern is a symptom of a deeper, more important problem.  If you fear the power she wields with spirits, then your only defender and protector is Jesus Himself.  You can't remain in the relationship with her if you're afraid of her.  The relationship clearly needs to end, and you can do so without fear if you call on Jesus in honest trust.  He is kind and want to draw you to Himself, but you must be willing to come humbly and trust.

Deal first with Jesus - He's real and He's alive.  Then you will have power and confidence to deal with this woman and the spirits she may be connected to.

Please feel free to follow up further.

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