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I just moved out of my parents' house for the first time. My parents and I never said grace before meals and, now that I am moved out, I'd like to start. The problem is, all the examples on the internet either are geared for a family (using words like: I, we, us etc.) or seem immature and childish. Could you please give me an example suitable for one person to say that I could use? Thanks!

Greetings Kes! Thank you for writing.  I think it's wonderful that you wish to show your thanksgiving to God for how He has provided for you.  You know, special one, our Lord knows your voice and He looks forward to hearing from you.  So praying in 'first person' is a very good thing. And understand , Jesus doesn't
Expect us to pray a rote prayer - He welcomes our thankful thoughts that come directly from our heart.  For instance,
  Lord Jesus I thank you for yet another beautiful day ....
  And for the many ways you provide for me.
  Please bless this food to the nurrishment of my body/mind/soul
  That I might be a blessing to those around me.
       In the power of Your name, I pray these things.

Father, thank you for my daily bread.
Thank you for loving me so much.
Help me to always be mindful of how you bless me,
And give me a willing spirit to slow down and be
mindful of how I can pay it forward.
 In Your Grace and love,

Lord Jesus, thank you for this food,
for the guidance you give in the
details of my daily life....., for the grace
I receive when I miss the mark.  

Lord Jesus, you nourish me in so many ways.
Thank you for my good night rest..., for this
Wonderful breakfast...., for my home and
my pets..... for my wellbeing. I feel so blessed
to be your child.

My point is simply pray your heart. If you feel grateful - say so. If you feel so blessed - tell Him.  If your breakfast/lunch/dinner is delicious- thank Him.
Prayer is all about relationship..... Nobody, including God, ever gets tired of hearing, " I thank you! I love you!"   May you continue to grow in grace and love.
Blessings upon your new apartment/house whatever😍.   Sounds like you're off to a good start ( Jesus is invited)!

Grace in Him,
  Rev. Ramona Stonecipher  

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