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I am a woman. I like to look at pictures of naked women( breasts) and I like to watch videos of women getting bare bottom and totally nude spankings.  Does that make me a lesbian?

Hi, Lisa,
Please forgive me for taking so long to answer you.  The terms "lesbian" and homosexual are confused in our society.  For most, sexual desire for those of the same gender means you're homosexual.  Biblically, those who engage in sexual activity with those of the same gender are homosexual.  Of course, Jssus teaches us that the heart is the source of the good and bad that shows itself in our actions, so homosexual behavior is from the heart.  Whether it's homosexual or not, your actions of watching these things for your own personal pleasure shows a corruption in your heart.  It has to do with lacking love, and Jesus would show you a better way in which you don't view and treat people in such a way.  There is a beautiful way of life Jesus can show you that is free from such things.  This life is full of generous love that gives rather than takes and focuses on the needs of another because you are so confident that God is focused on your best.

Please let me know if I can help you further in pursuing the fuller life.  It is available to you, but you must desire to be in right relationship with our Father more than you desire these smaller pleasures.


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