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In answer to some questions people have had about Jesus and the kingdom of God.

When Phillip asked Jesus to “Show us the Father (God),” Jesus, in so many words, told him that he could not do what Phillip was asking of him because, as John said (John 1:18 and 3:1-5), no one can literally see God. All anyone can do is see what they presume is caused by God and the same would be true of the Devil! So, in John 14, Jesus was not meaning to say that he was literally God but only that he, as would be true of any human, was being guided to do and speak as he did by the invisible spirit of God (love) that was “in him.” Consider what he says in John 3:1-5. No one would think that the grass is God just because God makes the grass to wave back and forth or the leaves on trees to flutter in the wind! In other words, you can tell if someone is being faithful to God by observing what they do in relation to what they say (Matthew 7:16 ff, 19:16 ff, Romans 1, 1st Corinthians 13, James, and 1st John et al). However, if someone is precisely imitating God Jesus plainly says that you can think of them as God because they and God are of the exact same mind (See Psalm 82:1 ff, John 10:34-36 and John 14) and, obviously, it’s the thoughts that “come from” your mind that cause you to do and say what you do!

Throughout the biographical accounts of Jesus’ life after being baptized in water, totally immersed as opposed to having water poured over him or a few drops sprinkled on him, by John (Matthew 4), Jesus, who believes that his understanding of the golden rule is without error, exhibits and explains his understanding of it or “the word” that John equates with God and “the light” or “truth” about how to become immortal as well as free from the control of evil people and be true and faithful friends of the true God at the same time (John 1:1-5, 9-14, 1st Timothy 2:1-5 et al), or citizens “in the kingdom of heaven” or that’s in or from heaven (above the clouds, Acts 1:10-11 et al) in other words. The Jews subjectively assumed their kingdom was by God’s authority and God was “in heaven” so their kingdom was “from or of heaven.” Therefore, when Jesus said that the kingdom is in a person’s heart he was only meaning to say that people who were totally committed to loving God and therefore each other (Matthew 22:35-40) that in that way the kingdom was in them the same way you’d mean that someone you loved would always be lovingly remembered in your heart. Mind you, they didn’t have a single shard of actual proof that what they believed was true. It was all based on subjective feelings and their interpretation of nature as they observed and reasoned on it and they just assumed that their conclusions were correct and that anyone that disagreed was wrong!

Now, see this in connection with this topic.

Muslim scholar Yasir Qadhi of Memphis, Tennessee says average Muslims are not to question what they’re told, especially by him obviously. (All totalitarians think the same way. The Chinese Communists and Obama are good examples of this deadly dangerous hypocrisy.) Mr. Qadhi does not realize that being irrational is the same as being illogical and makes a false distinction saying that Islam is not irrational but that you must just assume that it’s totally logical. By-the-way, the man known as the apostle Paul says the same thing about what he was teaching (Romans 9).  Mr. Qadhi constantly contradicts himself. His supposed wisdom is fundamentally flawed which is why Muslims have such a cruelly perverted sense of justice that you can plainly see is terror by what goes on in Muslim countries and communities all over the world and they’re bringing that same hypocritical mortally dangerous irrational terror based ideology with them to every non Muslim country on earth including America with narcissist Obama’s blessings and full support and protection:

Here Mr. Qadhi, using his obvious hypocrisy and lack of logic, plainly says that Muslims are allowed to rob, rape, enslave, and murder non Muslims because they cannot sincerely tolerate or be friends with non Muslims who supposedly are pure filth in the mind of Allah. If they do, they will be compromising with supposed evil people making themselves apostate. All the injustice and cruelty committed by Muslims is based purely on such unproven and hypocritical assumptions. Non Muslims need to demand that Muslims require Allah to come out from hiding and let everyone see him or else keep quiet and stop slandering, defaming, and persecuting non Muslims:

The truth about Islam that Muslims will not tell you is that they are required to make peace with Allah, not non Muslims and the way they're supposed to do that is by imitating Muhammad by struggling (jihad) to be exactly like him because he was supposed to be  the perfect representative of what Allah want his worshipers to be. Read the accounts of Muhammad's life and you'll easily see that he was one of the most ruthless, deceitful, cruel, hypocritical, and violent people that ever lived. Then pay attention to how Islam is practiced in Muslim countries and you'll see that what I've said is clearly a fact. So, when you hear someone like Obama say that Islam is a peaceful tolerant religion you know that they are either totally ignorant or they are lying. I say this simply as a matter of fact and because everyone desperately needs to be fully aware of the truth about this very serious matter.

I think that this should go a long way toward the answer.

NOTE: Christian sects and Jewish sects would be killing each other for the same reason except they've decided that no one can actually know the truth so they sort of live and let live without murdering each other even though they sometimes argue and criticize each other's beliefs as if they do know the truth. The hypocrisy is so blatant but it remains unrecognized by them just as it is in Islam. Christians make a liar out of Jesus who plainly said that in order to be a legitimate Christian they had to actually know the truth that he was teaching and behave accordingly which meant that they had to think and behave exactly like Jesus. Being satisfied with a guess would not do! Everyone, said Jesus, had to think and behave like him; they had to be of the same mind in other words exactly as he was supposedly in perfect agreement with God. There were to be absolutely no sects or disagreements as existed among the Jews! If that isn't possible then Jesus lied or else he didn't know what he was talking about. This is the kind of hypocritical fool most so called Christians claim is their Lord! If he was like that then they are being like him!

Once a non Muslim becomes a Muslim they are constantly pressured to become more and more Sharia compliant until they are just like Muhammad who, supposedly, was exactly like what Allah requires of all humans. It's in attempting to be just like Muhammad that is the struggle or “jihad” that Muslims are to aspire or submit to. It's the same in Christianity. Christians are supposed to struggle to become just like Jesus because Jesus, according to the Bible, was exactly like Jehovah or God and it was only by imitating Jesus that a person could please or make peace with God or be a friend of God instead of an enemy in other words. Could you be best friends with someone that had a way of life totally different from yours? And, what if they believed that if they were your friend they’d be executed if discovered? And, what if their law required them to try to murder you if at all possible for not believing as they did and you knew it? Could you be true friends with them? Only a complete fool would say “Yes.”

Anyway, what makes a person a true citizen of any country or any other kind of organization is exactly like what is required to be a true citizen of Iran, or of Saudi Arabia or of China or of Brazil or of some church or the Masons or a student at school etc. You have to submit to the laws or rules or else you are an enemy or a non member in other words. So, for Muslims to come to America and refuse to submit to the laws of our land and demand to live by Sharia instead they are simply saying that they refuse to be U.S. citizens. If a person refuses to be a citizen then they can't be allowed to have any say in the laws we choose to live by else we would become their slaves and forced to live by their laws instead. It seems that due to our educational system deliberately dumbing us down almost no one can understand this very simple principle and so we are being forced to expect to experience the severe consequences of our ignorance. To use a Biblical term, we are about to be judged and condemned to the required punishment that such ignorance naturally demands.  

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