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When someone joins the Mormons is that person suppose to start  gradually cutting of family ties with the immediate family that is not Mormon? I have a sister who 3 years ago joined the Mormons and no longer attends our family social events>

I cannot speak specifically regarding the Mormon church. Cults in general do try and isolate new members in order to limit any outside influences.

If you want more information on how to combat the cult influence, Steven Hassan has written books on the Subject, such as "Releasing the Bonds".

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Issues related to religious cults and cult recovery. How to recognize a cult; deceptions perpetrated by cults; ways to go about helping family members leave cults; intervention planning and execution. Beware of those who try to point you to a "church" and not Christ. I would caution you that a deceived person does not know they are deceived; they completely believe they have and know "the truth."


I was in a religious cult for over 20 years, and have now been assisting others recover from cults for over 10 years. Area of expertise is in cults that are sabbatarian in nature. I hold a degree in theology. If you think you cannot be deceived and sucked into a cult, think again-- that's what everyone in a cult believes.

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