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Me and a few women got together while our children are in school. One of these ladies is very competitive so I mostly just try not to be a source of competition. We got to talking about our husbands and laughing about our children and out of nowhere a lady brings up another woman's (not present) marriage.

I simply said it was her own concern aND wanted to move on. One of my friends in the group stated that my marriage was gods ideal because I try to be submissive to my husband and allow him to lead our family through god.

The very dominant and competitive  lady had said it's not the case because the bible had said to be equally  yoked. Men want a brain and how she challenges her husband to consider the greater good and isn't afraid to disagree.

I felt immediately defensive. I'm not unintelligent or weak. I just don't like to argue. I left the conversation and just went home. But now I'm doubting whether I've been a good wife. Should I have challenged my husband more? Or maybe spoke up if I didn't agree?

Obviously I feel a little guilty as well. This woman has brought up constantly, how I should teach by example strength to my little girl. And how I should show her how to be strong even in the presence of a man. I'm not weak to men as a whole. Or submissive to anyone who is a male. Just to my husband.

To be clear my husband is a good god fearing man. He's never been abusive or expected anything that would make anyone think less of my or the children or our dignity. I still have that seed of doubt from the competitive lady.

May I please have your advice on this for my own peace of mind? I'm embaressed  to go anywhere or discuss this with anyone over just a ladies brunch.

His wife

Dear His Wife,

The first issue  that you mentioned (concerning this woman) seems to have given you a red flag. And rightfully so. That of gossip about an absent woman's marriage. 1Tim 5:13

The second issue that should make you wary was her very poor application of equal yoking. The context of that concept is specifically addressing the marriage of and or partnership of (as in a business relationship) with a believer and an unbeliever. It has nothing to do with granting rebellion from a wife towards her husband. That is an absurd assumption on her part...2Cor 6:14-18

I would encourage you to continue to to teach your daughter to be as you describe yourself to be regarding your husband. You will walk in blessing... And so will your daughter... Eph 5:22, Col 3:18

I would also encourage you to not put much stock in this woman... Or her counsel.

May you walk in wisdom from on high and be a blessing to your husband and the family of Messiah! YASHUA is HIS NAME!


Pastor Ron

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