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Hello and thank you in advance for your response.

I have had something on my heart since last year and I wondered if how I acted in a situation was right? It's a little long sorry...

First to briefly explain:
Last year I went to work for a company (good pay/benefits) but it was so awful that I had to leave. I try to always show Christ everywhere I go by treating people good. Giving compliments, encourage, go the extra mile and treat people how Jesus says to. But, at this place nothing I did mattered if anything it made them treat me worse. However, I was never able to say or display (usually with a Jesus picture on my desk)it because I wasn't there long enough.

The incident that bothers me is that one of the women brought up religion and was trying to ask the other two women what they believe or practice in an effort to get some guidance. She mentioned how her son got a Book from a cult religion and I think she was curious as to which road to follow. They just blew it off and changed the subject.

I really wanted to recommend a good local Christian Bible Church but she would not have welcomed anything I would of said. She also tried to get me in trouble for other minor things and was flat out rude and mean to me.

QUESTION: I wonder if there was something else I could of done? Because the woman really needs Jesus. (well, we all do)

I've learned a few things from God about the experience too and I'm sure it was the dark forces in them against the light in my spirit thus the chaos. I've never had that type of negativity happen at a job before but I wish I could of done more. In times past I have successfully witnessed to co-workers and sometimes it was only by my actions. But, everyone always knew I was a follower of Jesus, and I try to only do it when I feel prompted because work is delicate with how and if a person witnesses.

Any thoughts?

Given the circumstances that you have laid out here, I think you did what you could.  One thing to remember, is that God is sovereign.  You probably had more impact there than you think. You never know how God will use the influence you had. He just tells us to never grow weary in well doing.  Keep praying for this person. You never know what God might do in their life!

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