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Hello and thank you in advance for your response.

Question: What would you recommend is the best way to witness to a non-believer that is a biologist and family background is also scientific?

Thankfully, he is not an Atheist, believes there is a God but does not just settle down with the bible's version or Jesus as being the only way and tends to follow "facts" rather than just believe.

With all the chaos in the world right now that I feel is caused by "organized religion" and cults in my experience it is turning many people off to anything spiritual because of the hate, condemnation etc. that it brings and that tends to be the mood with him too.

I've felt with him it's best to show Jesus to him and I often bring up that the main core of his message is to love others and if people just followed what he taught and read the bible for themselves the world would be a better place.

But, we have had a few conversations that were "nice" debates about God and the bible. Evolution and so on. Most recently we  at a Dinosaur museum and the artifacts say millions years old and so on. I dismissed evolution as a "theory" and he said Creationism is also a "theory" and asked who made God? I also believe in science but I do not believe we evolved from fish as the guy said at the museum. I also told him that man's time table is not the same as God's and he won't give us all the answers. And I said there has to be some faith to believe and that I've seen proof of God in my own life.

So, I felt stuck in trying to explain how you get very old dinosaurs and scientific proof and still make it match with what the bible says and his comment was maybe God did make everything and evolution is just a response from it.

Any thoughts? I never think it's wise to argue about God and I very much want him to seek God for himself.

Thank you!

Dear V,

First of all let me  say that I think that God did not inspire the authors of the Bible with the purpose to teach history or science.
God inspired the authors of the Bible with the purpose to teach us a religious, moral and spiritual truth.
Besides God spoke a language that could be understood by biblical people ; biblical people could certainly not understand the big band theory or the theory of evolution.
The genesis is not to be interpreted literally, but only symbolically.
Jesus offen used a symbolic language, therefore it is logical that a symbolic language was used also in the Old Testament in order to teach the moral and spiritual truth.

2 Ti 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
3:17 That the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for all good works.

Paul says clearly that the Bible is profitable for teaching and instruction in RIGHTEOUSNESS, and NOT in science, history, etc.

Before discussing the theory of evolution, let me discuss the problem of the existence of God and of our soul, from a scientific point of view.
I think that faith cannot come only from logic, because faith essentially consists in love for God.
I think however that logics and science prove the existence of our soul and of  God and that there are many rational arguments which strongly supports the christian faith.
I will explain  that science and logic prove that the our psychic life is intrinsically trascendent with respect to material reality, which implies the existence of the soul (or spirit) as a supernatural component of man.
I think in fact that the more direct way to find the certainty of the existence of God is to try to understand our psychical life, that is our capacity to feel emotions, feelings, thoughts, self-awareness, etc.
We know that our brain is made only of particles such as electrons and protons, interacting through the electromagneic fields; every biological process is due only to chemical reactions, and in their turn, every chemical reaction is due only to the electromagnetic interaction among valence electrons.
Every materialistic attempt to explain our psychical life implies that what thinks, loves, suffers, desires ets. in us are objects such as electrons or electromagnetic fields.
The point is that objects can feel nothing at all ; objects cannot feel happiness, sadness, love, anger,self-awareness, etc.   
I am a physicist and I know very well what the electromagnetic field is; the equations of the electromagnetic field are universal and they describe the field within our brain as well as within a copper wire or an atom.
These equations do not explain the existence of consciousness and of our capacity to feel.
If the electromagnetic fields were responsible of our thoughts and feelings, I would see no reason why also our television, washing machine, computers should not feel sometimes depressed, happy, etc..
In fact from a scientific point of view there is no difference between the electromagnetic fields present in our brain and the ones present in those objects, and the electric impulses in our brain are ordinary electric impulses.
From a physical point of view our brain is only an object, and therefore it can have no psychical life; our psychical life represents a violation of the laws of physics. Every phenomenum which represents a violation of the laws of physics is considered a supernatural phenomenum ; therefore our psychical life is a supernatural phenomenum.
Materialists think that the electromagnetic field is the origin of our consciousness, feelings, emotions, etc., but they cannot explain why the same fields do not make our electric objects have similar consciousness, feelings, etc. ; their position is in striking contraddiction with our scientific knowledges which prove that there is no difference between the electric fields inside our brain and the ones outside our brain.
If one supposes that the electric impulses in our brain were the origin of consciousness and emotions, the only possible logical consequence would be that every electric object has a psychical life and FEELS emotions, feelings, etc.
The properties of every molecule  (including DNA molecules)  and every biological process can be obtained directly from the laws of physics.
On the contrary consciousness, emotions, feelings, etc. cannot be obtained from the laws of physics; this is a further proof of the trascendent nature of  consciousness with respect to the material reality.
Our psychical life is intrinsically  trascendent with respect to the material reality, because it cannot be originated by objects (such as electrons or electromagnetic fields) ; our psychical life is then intrinsically supernatural.
Since our psychical life cannot be originated by objects such as electrons and electromagnetic fields, it means that our psyche (or mind, or spirit, or whatever you prefer) and our brain are two different interacting entities, and not the same entity. The psiche is the  non-physical component of man.
Where did our psyche come from?  How did our psychical life begin? I think that the only answer is God.
In fact,  I know that I exist,  that I have not always existed and that I have not come into existence by myself;
these certainties are very evident by themselves and need not be proved.
I can define God as the Creator of my psiche, He Who has made me exist as a psychical being, He Who has give origin to my psichical life.
In other words, my reasoning can be reassumed as follows:
I FEEL my existence, therefore I exist as a psychical being (that is as a spirit).
I exist, therefore God exists and He is the Creator of my own existence.

Let me then briefly discuss the teory of evolution.
The theory of evolution is based on the recovery of fossils, therefore this theory can at most conclude that our
biological organism is the result of the evolution of a previous biological organism.
The point is that what really distinguishes us from animals is our psychical life, which has no biological origin, but a supernatural origin ; our biologial organism is certainly not mush different from the one of other animals.
Since it is not possible to find fossils of psiche, the theory of evolution can say nothing about the way we have become conscious and intelligent persons.
Even if our organism was derived from a previous animal organism, only the divine intervention could have given this organism the human mind.
So God could have created the whole universe through the laws of physics and our organism could have been the result of an evolutive process ; however our organism would have been only another animal orginism if God would have not given us our psiche, changing a pure anomal organism into a human person.

There are some other arguments, which explanation is rather long and Allexperts allows only to give short answers. You can find such arguments  in the following site

In the section called “FAQ: answers to  visitors' questions” you can find the answer to many typical questions, such as "Are there any scientifically proved miracles?", "Does the existence of the universe imply the existence of God?", "Can science explain God?", "Can science establish which is the true religion?", "Can science explain consciousness in the future?", and many others.

I hope this may help you,

Your brother in Christ,


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