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A question was posed at a bible study that I am leading at my high school. I know that one of the predictions that the Jews had for their messiah would be that he is a descendent of David, but in the descendency list (or whatever you call it) in the New Testament is all on Josephs side. But wasn't Jesus not really blood related to Joseph? Mary was pregnant before they even got married, and she remained a virgin until she gave birth, so how does all this fit together?

 "In the genealogy in Matthew 1, notice one name, Jeconiah (Jechonias), in verse 11. If Joseph had been Jesus' father according to the flesh, He could never have occupied the throne, for God's word barred the way. There had been a curse on this royal line since the days of Jeconiah. In Jeremiah 22:30 we read, 'Thus says the Lord: write this man down as childless, a man who shall not prosper in his days: for none of his descendants shall prosper, sitting on the throne of David, and ruling any more in Judah'. Joseph was in the line of this curse. Hence, if Jesus had been Joseph's son, He could not have sat on David's throne.

   But we find another genealogy of Jesus in Luke 3. This is Mary's line, back to David, through Nathan, not Jeconiah (Luke 3:31)... If Virgin Mary would not have been virgin, the whole genealogy of Jesus in Mat.1 and Lk.3 would have been a farce... but Virgin Mary was indeed a Virgin, and Jesus was not conceived by Joseph but by the Holy Spirit(Lk.1:35, Mat.1:18-25). Joseph was the 'legal father' of Jesus, the 'adopted father', but not the 'natural father'."(Excerpted from

   Every man has two genealogies: One through his father and another through his mother... being Mary a virgin, the genealogy of Jesus is very special. Another difference in the geneologies is when it apprears to say that Heli was the father of Joseph. Upon careful examination of that verse (Luke 3:23), notice the use of the commas. A comma can be used to set apart the individual parts of a list or it can be used to set a phrase apart from the rest of the sentence. In this passage, the phrase, "being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph", is set apart from the rest of the geneology by commas. Therefore the next phrase is referring to the subject of the preceeding phrase, which is Jesus. The indication is that Jesus' bloodline was through Heli, who, it is supposed, is Jesus' grandfather on His mother's side. He then could have a direct connection to David through Mary's bloodline, and yet maintain the integrity of God's Word, which prohibited Jeconias' bloodline to have the Messiah in it.

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