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Sandra Henry wrote at 2007-12-01 13:06:12
I see no harm in celebrating Christmas. What needs to be focused is the reason for the season. It is not about Santa Clause, it is not about a tree or decorations it is about the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. As long as he is the focus then it should be alright. I decorate to signify the star that was shinning bright. I do not try to out do the Jones, I no longer go into debt to buy presents.I enjoy the day, read the Christmas story from the Bible to my children and sing songs of praise. I keep in mind the reason for the season.

Jeremy wrote at 2013-12-27 19:44:47
Read Jeremiah chapter 10, it's as plain as day what god has to say about the pagan holiday of Christmas, which was an ancient fertility festival.

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