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Paula wrote at 2009-11-14 16:50:09
I don't think that its quite as how you put it. God didn't choose some people for hell and some for heaven, people make their own choices , the fact that God knows who is going to be save and who is going to be lost , doesn't mean that he chose who is going to hell and who is not.Jesus died to save every single human being not just some.Some will accept him and some will not.God know who is going to accept him and who is not , therefore he will have to chose to carry to heaven those who accept Jesus and to hell those who didn't , that doesn't mean that he didn't give everyone the choice to be saved . Humans are  free to make their own choices .

Denise wrote at 2013-02-16 03:57:43
It seems like God was bored being by himself and created Lucifer to show the angels or something that sin can infect people but that they would still serve Him. Thats sick and twisted. As a mother, if I had all the power in the world and I knew that I'd give birth to some evil disabled alien baby who would suffer all their life (before they were even conceived), I wouldn't created it. Also why do we have to pay for Adam and Eve's mistakes? Why couldn't we all get a fair chance to live in heaven and be judge separately like we're gonna be at the end of the world? Why do so many people have to suffer for so long? I wish I could see the "loving" God some people see but I don't.

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