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Lindsay wrote at 2015-04-01 06:00:40
I must say,I disagree with a few things the answerer did here.Of course,God's Word is the best way for God to speak to us.But what I TOTALLY disagree with is,that the person who answered this,is about speaking in tongues,and healings not being for today.Jesus didn't speak in tongues because HE was the Holy Spirit in the flesh,He didn't need to speak in tongues,it is us who needs to speak in tongues to edify ourselves,and build ourselves up Spiritally .Jesus told His followers in John 14:16 "And I will pray the Father,and He shall give you another Comforter,that He may abide with you FOREVER." Jesus is talking of The Holy Ghost which is what makes you speak in tongues.Notice Jesus said "That He (the Holy Ghost) will abide with you forever." Forever means now as well,and farther proof to show that The Comforter is The Holy Ghost is in John 14:26 Jesus says "But the Comforter,which is The Holy Ghost,whom the Father will send in my name,he shall teach you all things,and bring them to your rememberance,whatsoever I have said unto you." So,Jesus is talking of The Holy Ghost here. As far as healings for this day and time,I KNOW that Jesus still heals today.I know someone healed from cancer.Also,The Holy Ghost works through people to lay hands on others to be healed,Jesus speaks of The works people would do in His name in John 14:12 "Verily,verily,I say unto you,He that believeth on me,the works that I do he shall do also;and greater works than these shall he do;because I go to my Father." So,Jesus is talking of whoever believes,nowhere does the Bible say that tongues and miricles are not for today.Glory! Also,once again,why would Jesus need to speak in tongues? He was the Holy Ghost in human form.That's a silly statement to say "we shouldn't speak in tongues because Jesus didn't and follow His example." As I said in the verses above proves that Jesus talks of The Holy Ghost i.e. speaking in tongues coming AFTER He departs.Also,The Holy Ghost is actually Jesus speaking through us to God,it's a wonderful gift,The Holy Ghost is,it's a shame that some reguard it as not of God.

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I can answer questions pertaining to the Bible. Particularly questions regarding the Lord`s Supper, true New Testament Churches, the book of Revelation, and the false teaching of "tongues".


I am a Baptist minister and have taught classes on the subjects of Christian doctrine, Christian living, and the book of Revelation. The word "Christian" means Christ-like, so we are talking about Christ-like living. In the so-called Christian community today false doctrine is being spread like wildfire just as the Bible says it would. We will never live our lives as Christ did, but we are to strive to do so. Therefore, we must carefully follow the teachings of God's word not the popular teachings of man. We, as Christians need to get away from Catholic doctrine, Pentecostal doctrine, Baptist doctrine, or whatever doctrine and get back to Bible doctrine.

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